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executive dysfunction
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    How many of your kids have executive dysfunction? That's one of the biggest areas of disability for me now, since my demand avoidance has lessened so much with age.

    Areas of difficulty for executive dysfunction:

    * Initiating, planning, strategizing, and sequencing - I think up good plans, then never act on them, or do part of it then drop it. I can only really accomplish something if I set it up to be done mostly on impulse.
    * Focusing, sustaining, and shifting attention to tasks - I can focus for a long time, but I have difficulty shifting focus. And I have basically no control over how well I focus on something, if the mood is there I'll focus and if it's not I just can't.
    * Pacing, managing time, and resisting distraction - I have no sense of time. You know how most people can estimate what time of day it is to within an hour or half an hour, even if they don't have a watch? All I know is morning vs afternoon. And I don't keep track of the passing of days well, either. I don't think in terms of time, but in terms of contexts.
    * Managing frustration and regulating emotions - This is why I have meltdowns, basically. Anything I feel, I feel fully and completely, unless I turn off emotions entirely (which I can only do in rare circumstances, with the side effect of basically going catatonic).
    * Utilizing working memory and accessing recall, 'remembering to remember' - I have a great memory, except for this aspect. If I'm trying to think ahead and telling myself 'next time you're at X place you must do Y', I'm very unlikely to remember that when I'm at X place. And I won't realize I've forgotten anything, either. If it's not part of my routine, I have very little likelihood of remembering it in a situation other than where I had the idea.
    * Monitoring and self-regulating action - I don't have much self-control. And it's not a matter of having uncontrollable urges, it's more like it doesn't occur to me that this is something I might not want to do right now. For example, though I have poor social skills, I also have a tendency to say or do things I know are socially inappropriate, simply because I didn't think about them.

    From my reading, it sounds like executive functions are mostly controlled by the frontal lobes - which also control complex motor sequences, another area I have trouble with.
  • As an Aspie I have to say I have all of those traits EG I told myself I would organize my paperwork (I can never find anything when I need it and I end up growling at everything untill I remember where I put whatever it is i'm looking for) and yet I still haven't done it as the motivation seems to leave me when I sit down to do it and I wander off task forgetting to come back to it. However if I am working on one of my songs or stories I can be there for hours perfecting the lines/riffs etc (lol yes I am wondering if I was misdiagnosed as that sounds like demand avoidance, I am 30) I do however have a great amount of control over myself, something I have always had, I act more like a pressure cooker and will function perfectly fine (if a bit odd but my friends accept my oddities as part of me) untill something perfectly simple will tip me over the edge and I will end up in a puddle of tears (anyone who doesnt know me well gets shocked at this as I seem to be quite unemotional, I'm not in fact I would say as you do I feel to an extreme extent (I had at onetime a misdiagnosis of bi polar :roll: ) I just hide all the inner stuff really well)

    Ella on the other hand can be very very organised when she is in complete control of the process and although it may take her longer than an average child to do something she does it thoroughly. However when it's something she's been told to do or she feels she is expected to do (she doesn't have to actually do it but feels like she does) then it's like her 'process' goes to pot. Almost as if her mind has to be clear to be able to remember and complete all the steps of her process, if she misses one she gets very stressed and then can't figure out how to sort it. Hope that made sense xx
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