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giftedness and PDA
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    I've been tested as having an IQ of 137 (though it varies between that and 90-something depending on my emotional state during the test - they say the highest score is usually the most accurate). I'm also creatively gifted - I've placed in a couple of writing contests (two short story contests and one opening paragraph contest) and got into a special program for teen authors a few years back.

    I know it's often hard to tell because of demand avoidance, but do you think PDA kids are more likely to be gifted?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,598

    Yes, just like some Asperger's individuals are gifted, some Autistic individuals are gifted I also believe that some PDA individuals can be gifted but I think you are also right in saying that it could be hard to recognise because of their demand avoidance!


    You have many gifts, high IQ and gifted creatively - that's a brilliant achievement!
  • hi, my daughter is 12yrs old she like you writing is her gift, she has written some beautiful pieces of work since the age of 8, i don't thinks she even knows how clever she is, some of her work has reduced me to tears, i could not produce anything as moving or advanced, she is in year 7 at a special school trying to integrate into mainstream and she is working at high level 8 which the teachers say is well beyond where most year 7 are which is amazing as she missed the first 4 months of year seven and only attends 3-4 days a week, again if she is in the right emotional state she write for hours

    be proud and i hope it opens doors for you, have you tried writing about yourself and pda you may be able to give us parents an insight into how it feels to have pda,

    good luck xx :D
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    Yeah, I've tried writing about myself, but for some reason non-fiction is way harder for me to write than fiction.

    I have one story I wrote where I unintentionally gave the protagonist PDA-like features, simply because I was getting ideas for his school experiences from my own life. I could post it here if you guys would like. It's about a boy with addictive weather magic, in a society where mages are executed because they're (sort of rightly) considered dangerous.
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