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  • Connor
    Posts: 111
    We just got back from disney which was an experience with Jack. He would talk about anything to avoid what was going on. Including asking for a lolly for about 3 hours!!! Is it part of the condition or what this constant questioning and obssessive talking about one topic? We have gone from lollies to tweenie gardens and now back on the old favourite Christmas decorations. I not sure how to deal with it , indulge?, ignoring doesnt work. It is driving us mad.
    He asks questions he already knows the answer to and will not give it himself but heaven help us if we give one that is wrong!! :?
  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    hello there...Olivia will also go on and on about the same thing. It drives me nuts too. What I have devised is a 1,2,3 system. She can ask me up to 3 times about the same thing and then after that I ignore. That way she thinks she has made the decision to stop, because I haven't told her to be quiet. Olivia has lots of severe and complex needs PDA only being part of it. She also has ASD, auditory processing disorder, epilepsy, and severe and complex learning needs. Some times it is very difficult for me to figure out which part of her 'needs' are the priority of the moment. I think that if Jack has the understanding, you might like to to try and tell him "it is ok to ask Mummy a question," "Mummy will try and answer it if she can." Or maybe even a 'social story.' " Jack wants to ask his Mummy etc a question and that is ok. Sometimes he asks the question again...that is ok because Mummy might not of heard him. Jack does not need to keep asking the same question after that. Mummy will answer him if she has the answer. Mummy doesnt always have the answer but that's ok too" ( get the picture) We use picture symbols for Olivia and when it all gets too much for both sensory and stimulatory we show her a number 1 symbol and so forth. Olivia will also ask me a question she already knows the answer to and I just reverse roles and say ' Can Olivia tell me' (8/10 times she does!) One of the best bits of advise I can give to anyone on this forum is 'variety!' and 'distractions'. I hope this helps a little. Nothing is ever written in stone. What might work one day for Olivia might not work the next but it doesnt mean it wont work again.
    Good luck, and most importantly, stay calm, Olivia feeds off my anxieties!
  • Connor
    Posts: 111
    Hi Pamela, Thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply we will certainly try them out. I read about Olivia and I should imagine she needs alot of time and reassurance. How old is she now?
    With regards to Jack's understanding that is difficult to gauge, the old 'can't, won't' scenario! He too preys on my anxieties and it is very important to try to stay calm as he is definitely alot worse if he knows he has got to me.
    I do try to get him to tell me the answer when I know he knows it but he seems to find this quite distressing so I try to make suggestions if it is a list, for example now we are back from Disney he likes to keep asking what he saw.
    The school have been waiting weeks for a man to come and see Jack from the autistic service and Jack did the ultimate in passive resistance and fell asleep for the two hours nearly he was there! When they tried to wake him he kept flopping down, I had the head phone me up very concerned that Jack was ill. He was just exhausted from our holiday. I kept him home today so my head is buzzing!
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