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Local press came for my story today
  • Well the press have been and the photographer came before the editor to take pics, managed to get T to sit next to me as he wouldnt sit in between me & my bro.

    I told them how my life has been since i started raising concerns about Ts behaviour when he was aged 2. I made a point of mentioning the HUHT website coz that is an educational issue that one day will be heard and help may come, maybe not in our kids life time but it could help generations to come which will be a hell of an achievement for special needs kids. I Also told them that my aim to to reach out to parents who are living what i am living and when no dx the help just isnt there (like no access to a support group without a dx) and no one seems to help unless a dx is made for ur child and what a hell of a battle a parent/carer goes thru to get the dx is a nationwide problem. So i have made a forum and hopefully people who read the story will at least have support online if poss for them who dont get no support from anywhere else ( no support in this area without a dx, not even in the local support group) I want to run a support group for undx kids and families in the near future.

    The reporter said ASDs are pretty new and she knew herself the understanding isnt out there and she confirmed that it does seem to be happen up & down the whole country. Made her aware of the Ruth Kelly saga and that we dont blame Ruth Kelly for what she did but it just shows u that mainstream isnt working for special needs kids, thats the bottom line.

    I didnt talk in front of T i dont like doing that,so went went into the kitchen to speak in private while T was being entertained playing draughts (board game) with my brother.

    I thought it went well and i aimed it at just my personal experiences and i stressed this is about reaching out to other parents, thats all i want to achieve and to tell them NEVER give up in fighting for ur childs needs. We may get warn down and have MANY battles to fight but i never gave up coz T is my child, he needs me to help his quality of life or he will suffer and none of us wants that for our children.

    The story will be published at the end of the week so will keep u updated on the day it gets released K (the editor) will email me to tell me, she was a lovely, calm and relaxed (quite young) woman very nice indeed and she witnessed Ts behaviour herself.

    Bambi x
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    I'm impressed by both your practical way of enlightening people about the failings of the educational system for kids with special needs and your skills at setting up a forum - well done. Hope the article comes across as you want it. Post a link if you can.
  • Yep sure will mango and i too hope it can be of some help for others out there, we can only but try eh!

    Bambi x
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