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We need help!!!!!
  • funkymamu
    Posts: 24
    My son was diagnosed with PDA in January and so far we have had very little help. Both my partner and i are at the end of our tether with his behaviour. The latest, resulted in my 12 year old daughter sleeping over my sisters house because her 7 year brother went for her with a suitcase, threatening to kill her, then himself by throwing himself out of the nearest window. This all resulted over a Harry Potter DVD, which my daughter offered to lend him happened to not be in it's box. I got bitten, kicked and thumped as well as sworn at and told i was a bad mummy.
    He has escaped from school, even though they have a security system and i get at least 2 calls a week asking for me to go in. I approached my G.P but don't feel i'm being taken seriously and the school, notably his teacher, whom we have little confidence in, have poo-pooed the PDA diagnosis from the Psycologist. As well as being under Child and Family Guidance he is also under an Education Psycologist.
    When he is not totally flipping his top he can be the sweetest, most loving child but his mood switches so quickly, almost like switching a light on and off. We are constantly walking on egg shells and dread taking him anywhere.
    He's been asked to go to a friends birthday next week, which involves him travelling to Portsmouth, we're in Southampton, with the boys parents. I would love him to go but if there is a problem and he walks off or throws a major tantrum anything can happen.

    These problems have been going on most of his life, but have really escalated in the last 18 months.
  • Hi there

    Wow u really are having a tough time and i totally relate to ur frustrations :( i was told my son has PDA this month, along with aspergers and sensory difficulties, we are in a rite mess and my son is also VERY violent and switches from a beautiful loving boy to an 'animal' and i too dont know what to do or where to turn. Every door i have knocked has been shut in my face and well things have got worse and i am still sat here with no help.

    I am trying my best to find out more about PDA, even tho i did 2 years research on ASDs i have never heard of PDA until i was told my son had it, persuasive developmental disorder i have heard of and thats what PDA comes under, the same as ASDs do.

    Wishing u all the best in finding out more info.

    Bambi x
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