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Referral to assessment centre
  • Hi just looking for some help. We have been battling for the last 7 years to get my son help. Recently s family pointed out that every trait and behaviour listed with PDA my son struugles with. It finally was agreed in October to put my son on the path way for autism assessment however we know our local NHS provision onow very little of pda has anyone had any help from GPS getting a referral letter to one of the main centres for PDA?

    We really are struggling copu g to the violence when my son is in a meltdown and we feel completely helpless cause nothing we are doing seems to amek any difference . He will be 12 on Monday and his strength during a meltdown is unbelievable so any help would be appreciated
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,152
    Welcome to the Forum Mrsyakbub. I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you are currently experiencing and that it's taken so long for you to receive any help. Where I live it appears incredibly challenging to get an out of area referral approved but I also know families in different counties that have had a postiive experience and the process worked well. We have an information page on diagnosis that you may find helpful ( and point 2 under Diagnostic Pathways highlights the process for a referral to an NHS specialist or independent diagnostic centre.

    I've also shared our page on 'meltdowns' ( which you may also find helpful as it offers tips for managing meltdowns.

    Please do keep posting and asking any questions that you have so we can try to support your further.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,581
    Hi, just to say - If your son is on the Autism Pathway via the NHS and awaiting an assessment for possible ASD or PDA, your GP may not consider writing to the CCG for funding to go to a Specialist Diagnostic Centre.
    Also if the GP does write to the CCG for funding and your son hasn't had an NHS assessment already, the CCG will decline the funding.

    Usually parents have go to a local NHS assessment (possibly get ASD diagnosis or no diagnosis) before the CCG can be approached for funding to go elsewhere.

    Sorry, but this is the usual process -
    1. Try local NHS assessment
    2. Ask GP to apply to CCG for funding to go to Specialist Centre
    3. Take the short cut - Pay for the Private Multi-Disciplinary Assessment

    Please take a look at the Strategies section for advice on how to help you parent your son, using PDA strategies can really make a difference to your sons anxiety levels and his behaviour.

    OR could it be that your sons anxiety and behaviour at home are a result of school not meeting his needs and he is coming home frustrated?

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