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School comments!
  • jeanuk2
    Posts: 37
    hi everyone,
    I am wondering if these statements by my DS 's headteacher are typical of PDA children?
    He attends 2 1/2 days a week at an Interim Education Centre.
    Headteacher's comments:
    He is very stubborn and even when we are flexible he becomes more and more inflexible!
    He doesn't do things unless he wants to and he doesn't do things we know he is capable of.
    He is capable of an "A" in GCSE English but he is only working at the level of a "C"
    He is a perfectionist and will refuse to do anything the teacher suggest as he thinks any advice she gives him is because he's a failure. He does not socialise here like we would like and he is very aggressive at times. We know the Clinical Psych has said PDA but I don't know how that affects us as when he is willing to work he works and when he doesn't we leave him to it as we don't want any confrontation with him. We find him rather puzzling.

    Unfortunately we have no support at present as Nat will not talk to CAHMS after he says he was quizzed as to what kind of parents we were? He felt she was trying to make him say bad things about us!
  • Im no expert in PDA but it sounds very much so to be the case, does ur child have a diagnosis and a statement of special educational needs?

    Our parenting always comes up first and some professionals seem to think they know our kids better than us, dont let them make u think that its due to ur parenting because it is NOT!

    Bambi x
  • jeanuk2
    Posts: 37
    Hi Bambi and thank you for your reply,
    Nat does have a statement of SEN, he received it after he became school phobic two years ago: He has also been dx'd with Dyspraxia aged 6yrs (no longer got it?) Tourette Syndrome with ADD aged 8yrs (specialist discharged him to the care of CAHM's 7yrs ago) ASD was dx'd 5 yrs ago (Dr said the ASD is best described as AS) unfortunately we were discharged by her as we were supposed to be getting help from CAHM's.
    Now the Clinical Psych says Nat is PDA not AS.
  • jeanuk2
    Posts: 37
    sorry sent it twice.
  • I have heard they can have AS & PDA, my son shows signs of AS & PDA plus Sensory difficulties, bowel problems and possible Epilepsy (awaiting the full detailed report from the EN centre in Nottingham) He is a very complex child and as we all know with very complex difficulties.

    Bambi x
  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    Bambi...cant wait to meet you. Olivia also has complex needs...bowel condition, epilepsy, auditory processing disorder SLD. Have you ever had his chromosomes tested?
  • Looking forward to meeting u too Pamela :)

    T has not had any tests done as he wont let medical professionals near him and they have never agreed to sedate him, he has been left to 'rot' and when i say that its true. When the report comes from Nottingham it will entail all what needs to be done regarding tests. I was very impressed with how T was assessed there and i owe them so much for recognising Ts probs, until now no-one has cared apart from his GP & Paed who were the ones behind this 2nd opinion assessment and getting him to go to Nottingham.

    Bambi x
  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    Was it you who said that it was Dorinda Miller did his assessment? She did Olivia's too!
  • Yep she did Ts assessment and personally i think she is a lovely lady, i valued her opinion and very knowledgeable experience :D

    I have faith in her report and she isnt rushing it (even though my LEA are keen to rush her she refuses and good on her!).

    Bambi x
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