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Schools and attendance targets
  • 07162017
    Posts: 52
    Apologies if this has been covered recently but I've not been on the site for a while. I've been called to attend school with my child and lots of school personnel. His attendance is low due to anxiety. It is 70% and was lower last term. He is doing GCSEs, has PDA and a chronic medical condition. There is no EHCP in place as school say he does not need one. School want to set him a target for attendance. i have been threatened with prosecution if he does not meet it. They want him at the meeting but I have said it will raise his anxiety and so is not appropriate. My question is this. What are my rights in this situation?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578
    Really sorry to hear that his school are pushing for his attendance!
    What with PDA, Anxiety and a Chronic medical condition, you would think they would give him a break!
    I'm not sure of the Laws or your rights but have any medical professionals been approached to give their opinions in writing to the school, to support your son in that he can't attend more than he is already? (GP, Paediatrician, CAMHS, Consultant, etc?)

    Schools often say that a pupil does not need an EHC Plan, what they are really saying is 'We don't want to complete tons of paperwork needed to apply for one OR the LA SEN Dept have told us to say that to all the Parents of SEN Children!

    If he is staying on at 6th Form or going to college, it may still be wise for you to apply for an EHC Plan - (sometimes welfare officers realise the child has SEN and don't push too hard with regard to attendance, fines etc)

  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Hi. My daughter has not been at school school Christmas due to be anxiety. We have no diagnosis but I strongly suspect PDA. Our school is not bothered, as long as CAHMS say she has anxiety and can't cope with school. It may just be that the school has to tick that box to be happy. Surely some professional could do that for you.
  • 07162017
    Posts: 52
    Fortunately school and the attendance panel were supportive and agreed not to set targets or prosecute. I did explain all that I was doing to help.
  • June67
    Posts: 812
    Glad you have a relatively positive outcome.

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