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At last things are looking up!
  • Connor
    Posts: 111
    Well we have moved J to a new school and he is part time which is quite tiring for me but they are being great. His TA has gone with him and is amazed by the change in his behaviour! All the the staff have embraced J and his issues and are working with us to try and find ways of dealing with him. At last we feel he is valued and liked!
    We had his review, well attended by puzzled, but intrigued professionals by this little boy. The next day we had a phone call from the E.N. centre and he has his assessment in June.
    At the moment things are going well, long may it last! :D
  • Great news and hopefully when he is assessed the help will flow even more! :)

    Bambi x
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi Connor
    So glad to hear your son's school are trying to be helpful, it does make all the difference.
    Pleased to hear you are going to have him assessed at the E.N. Centre. They are very good and thorough. I spoke to a family from Nottingham who had just recently had an assessment done on their child and they were very pleased with the way everything was done.
    It will be a long journey for you from Cornwall, 7 hours by car? Are you having an overnight stay?
    I'm sure it will be worth it. Getting a diagnosis could also help the school to understand your son and provide for his needs more effectively.
    Hope all goes well.
  • Hi, Connor,

    Sounds like there may be at least 2 cases of PDA now in Cornwall, so maybe the LEA will begin to understand what this is, and what they will need to do to cater for this disability!

    Our son (11 about to go to secondary school) was given PDA as a "best fit" label for his disability this time last year, as a result of his behaviour at school (ranging from kicking chairs, throwing objects, hurting people (including a couple of teachers, which resulted in exclusions), walking out of class, out of the building and off site, damaging property...), and the involvement of a small team of specialists (child psychology, child psychiatry, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, paediatric doctor, and the special needs teacher).

    We were made aware of this site through the psychiatrist - we've not been up to Notts for a formal diagnosis - but use the strategies listed in this site to help us, our son's teachers and our son to manage his behaviour...and it seems to be working (although the mind-athletics can sometimes become quite wearing!).

    Our son is now on the SN register, with 25 hours support agreed - one basis for this has been in the safety of our son and those around him.

    One suggestion was for our son to go part-time, but he really wanted to be with his friends in school, so we agreed some basic ground rules for him (do what teacher says, don't hurt anyone and don't swear). We've developed a really good relationship with the school - I'm in regular contact with his teacher (face-to-face, email and also via text) and the TA's to both warn of potential issues / triggers and to give good news which may help the school to manage our son's behaviours. I've also made myself available for any away trips that are offered to ensure his safe participation, and avoid the "stigma" of being the only child not to be on a particular trip.

    Our imminent challenge will be transition into secondary school, so I'm currently thinking about the simplest way to ensure the variety of teachers he ends up with (including subs) are aware of his disability and how they can manage this. Any ideas are welcome!

    Hope all goes well for the assessment - feel free to get in contact if it helps you.
  • Connor
    Posts: 111
    I know this a very late reply but we went up for the weekend as my parents live in walsall. The diagnosis is PDA with some aspergers and should get the report in september.
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