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Damage to himself and others
  • gideon
    Posts: 3
    Hello to all

    I found this site a few weeks ago when my son (8 years old) was hospitalized for his very violent attacks and for the fact he was fleeing his school. Today (and many other times) he was bashing his head against the door, the concrete wall, and the floor. He was at school at the time (still is right now) where 4 teachers and the school nurse was attempting to restrain him (this has happened before).

    His situation has seemed to worsen since his hospital stay (for 10 days). He has had daily problems at home (previously he was a lot better at home), has been eating a lot more than is normal, and has had frequent insomnia.

    Behavioral therapies had never worked with him, and he is on quite a fed medications for hyperactivity, and to reduce his violent episodes.

    My question is this: Has anyone had any success with particular medications? Does this PDA behavior seem to get worse or better with age? Has anyone been institutionalized for this?

    Thank you for any help in this matter.

    P.S. His Dr. read over all the info in this website and agrees that it appears my son has this condition, but in the United States it doesn't seem to be recognized as such...they classify the condition as a Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.
  • Wow ur story sounds like my story!

    Ur right it isnt recognised like it should be and i was told too that even though T shows signs of PDA he may end up with a dx of PDD N.O.S and this to me is VERY confusing. I see this as they dont actually know what it is and because they show signs of so many disorders they tend to dx PDD N.O.S. I fear that this dx is detrimental to their health and well-being because they need help with EXACTLY what is wrong and strategies that work for some dont work for others, thats because they are all individual.

    Researchers dont know enough about ASDs and relative disorders, so this is the reality of what we are dealing with.

    I know T (my 6 yr old boy) has much more than one disorder going on and his behaviour does puzzle professionals, right now his role playing is rife. He goes out with a social worker twice a week and today they had to come back earlier than expected because he had to get married and the social worker had to get a dress on!!! He is often playing the role of someone else and he too was hospitalised for being a danger to himself and others. He is hitting himself a lot and is very violent.

    What medication is ur son on? T is on Risperidone, 0.3 in the morn and 0.4 in the evening, it has helped and his has improved a lot to what is was BUT it is still there and he needs help. He has been out of school for 6 months now due to suffering with anxiety and depression, it was hell to see him go downhill so very fast. Now seeking legal help due to Ts needs being ignored.

    I too worry that it will get worse as he gets older, he is just getting bigger and stronger and he hurts me, i do feel like a battered wife (im a single mum).

    PDA is not recognised all over the UK as yet and thats another battle some of us have (some areas accept the PDA dx and some dont) its never ending and all we want is help.

    I will only get the report for Ts dx next week! (yes guys i got a call from Nottingham today saying it is done and will be in the post by the end of this week!) I have waited 2 months for this and its a month overdue, all this time T is losing out on help he desperately needs.

    I do hope u get the dx and help for ur son, i truly understand what ur going through and never give up the fight, i have been told to stop making complaints and antagonising people, well i am very sorry but i wont stop fighting for what my sons needs and he has human rights!

    Good luck!

    Bambi x
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi gideon
    So sorry to hear your son has got worse since his stay in hospital.
    Your problem with your sons dx is a common one in America. Unfortunately many place in the UK still do not recognise PDA and many children here are dx PDDnos.
    Its great that your Dr. believes PDA fits your son. Maybe you could get as some info. off this site and try to apply it to your son.
    The E. Newson Centre in Nottingham, England have some info on PDA and you can order direct from them. They also have a paper giving an update on the children they first assessed some 25 years ago.
    My son with PDA is now 13 and I would say that now I understand my son so much more his behaviour is better than when he was a 5 or 10 year old.
    As for meds, I'm afraid I have only ever used Melatonin for sleep.
    When my son was younger he ran out of school weekly, he is still very aggressive on occassions and school do have to restrain him but not too often.
    It should only take 2 people to restrain a child, have his teachers been properly trainned on how to restrain a child? I'm just worried about their techniques.
    Hope some of this helps.
  • My son is on Adderall and Zoloft. He started Zoloft at the age of 5, and it helped him be less irritable and go with the flow a bit better. I'm really not sure if it is still helping. He started Adderall about 6 months ago, and it has helped him. The Adderall seems to have helped him be less likely to explode and obsess (on things he thinks he needs to do), a bit more agreeable to doing things, and he is able to focus a bit more which I believe helps him feel less anxiety about doing things. It has not been a magic pill. He has all of the same issues, but there is a noticeable benefit and his teachers agree. The only noticeable side effects are less of an appetite, and for awhile he was a bit more irritable when it was wearing off at night. I think the irritability at night has diminished after a few months. He did try Straterra first, and it made his behaviors worse. He got more aggressive, devious, and just didn't have the same personality. He got suspended while he was on Straterra, but it must work for somebody?

    I stayed away from Melatonin, because I noticed he seems to have a worse time in the Winter. I thought he maybe affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. I know this has something to do with the Melatonin in the body - I don't remember the specifics but it made me wary of Melatonin. Last year I did buy him a light that has proven to help people with SAD. It isn't the usual light therapy. It is a light that slowly brightens in the morning for a set time and duration. I think it may help him some, but it is difficult to know for sure.
  • We have returned from 5 years in the US where my son was diagnosed with ADHD/Aspergers/PD:NOS. We found that Adderall and Risperidone helped at school - it was not a cure but it enabled some progress to be made and he reached the grade level in many subjects.
    We have now been asked to try 'safer' alternatives in Straterra but the anxiety seems to be much worse. He was attacked on the school bus and also excluded from school for his language and argumentative behavior. Which is 'safer'?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi chrism31

    We really are at the mercy of proffessionals sometimes and obviously we assume they know what is best for our children.
    I can't confess to knowing loads about medications but have listened to many parents who have children on med's.
    My son is PDA, 13 and in a special school, very aggressive and needs restraining a lot at home and school.
    You don't say how old your child is or wether you think he has PDA but obviously he is on the Spectrum.
    I know that in England Straterra is commonly and effectively used for ADHD children, however my concern would be that Straterra may not do anything for your childs anxiety and explosive/argumentative behaviour and therefore if you take him off his other meds and just give Straterra you may see more anxiety etc.
    I know that prof's do not like to use Respiridone long term, why I have never been told.

    We have to make some very hard decisions as parents, I would be asking the prof. who changed the meds. a lot of questions!

    Hope some of this helps
  • Am not an expert on meds (my son does not take any except omega 3/ vit supplement)
    I thought I read somewhere that Risperdal(risperidone) increases appetite and can lead to weight gain, and I think it can cause some problems with heart/strokes - this this is more applicable if you have other risk factors such as family history etc. (I think you have to have ECG's when you are taking it??). I may be confusing it with something else of course! I think somewhere I have a link to another forum (for ASD) where they discuss it.
    If I find the link I will post it.

    I know that this medication is used for Schizophrenia, but I think a study has been made of the effect on children with ASD's and it was generally positive...
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