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Moving area
  • dirtmother
    Posts: 897
    We have been considering moving somewhere else in the country for a long time. We now know that we will need to consider our son's PDA needs in deciding where to go.

    Our own LEA has 'Ofsted-ed' very highly for SEN but I hope this isn't as good as it gets as they seem pathologically demand avoidant to us, hahahahaha.

    So, where are the good services for children with PDA?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,564
    Hi I would say the whole country is very patchy and wouldn't like to advise you on anywhere in particular. I think one of the most helpful things is to have a psychologist and peadiatrician who recognise and understand PDA. They in turn can advise the school.
    I would say go for an urban area rather than rural as there many be more schools within easy reach for you to choose from.
    It has taken me a long time to write this post, it hasn't been easy to reply to. I hope someone else can give you more precise info.
  • I dont blame u for moving area because i am in the process of doing the same thing, my LA are not accepting that my son has a profile of Asperger Syndrome and PDA along with the possibility of communication disorder and attatchment disorder. He also has a language impairment and sensory input difficulties yet my LA are very ignorant of his needs.

    My sons's paediatrician also advised that i move to another area (he is based in another town) and i have been trying to move for the last year, who knows if another area will accept my son's needs? I dont know unless i try and i will fight to the bitter end for his needs to be addressed.

    I now have a solicitor on board and he knows ALL the ins & outs of the law, a VERY wise step i took in seeking his advice. I dont enjoy all this yet SS have now told me my son displays these behaviours because i want him to behave this way!!! and this is after they read a 34 page report regarding my son's difficulties from an autism centre in Nottingham!!!

    The LEA & LA in my area are not interested and want to blame me for the way my son is and i having a 2nd opinion of an assessment of ASD for my son they still are ignorant to his needs, moving IS the only hope my son has for a quality of life, how sad is that? and many parents like us are in this situation nationwide!

    I get so angry when i see and live this hell, when all they 'powers that be' do is ignore our concerns and not accept the reality of the help our children/adults need, its criminal IMO.

    Bambi x
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    I wish I had the answers, but I don't suppose there are any at the moment. Please though don't assume that there is more help in Notts because of ENC being here cos thats not true.
  • Maryann
    Posts: 53
    i have a similar problem bambi, i am also being blamed for her behaviour and have done for 8 years. at the moment social services are trying to go to court to get a care order as they say im emotionally abusing her and causing her suffering, and i will be unable to cope with her needs as she gets older.

    as for moving area, if you dont get the help you need rather than move and possibly hit the same brick wall, demand different professionals, her first pediatrician said there was nothing wrong, i asked for a second opinion, the next one said she has reactive attachment disorder because i wasnt bonding with her. i would love to know how they worked out i wasnt bonding with her considering i was continually fighting for her to get help, surely i would have given up and not bothered with her or gave her up? she then started school and had a different pediatrician. i told her i felt they was wrong, and she did a number of assessments then felt she may have autism, did an autism assessment and to it higher for another oppinion. apparently the doctors take months at complex communication clinic and was told not to expect a disgnosis in the near future. apparently they was so sure about PDA they diagnosed her there and then. due to politics though, nottingham city will not diagose PDA so she was diagnosed autistic with particular aspects of demand avoidance.

    where ever you go you are going to have to fight, i ran away from oxford when i was told repeatedly there was nothing wrong its just terrible twos, probably the worst place in the whole of england to come to having a pda child, but i didnt know better then. as amanda said dont come to nottingham. they are stubborn for everything, diagnosis, statements, etc
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