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PDA specialist recommendation South East
  • Magnolia
    Posts: 4
    Hello - I have just discovered PDA today and finally my son’s behaviour seems to make sense. We are due to see an ASD/anxiety specialist next month but now feel that a PDA specialist would be much better. I have looked at the Lorna Wing Centre online and wondered if anyone could recommend someone there? We are based in Kent so could travel to London too. Thank you so much in advance.

    Also while I am here does anyone have any tips on how to deal with homework? My son is 10 and unsurprisingly it is a constant battle and source of stress to him. Thank you.
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,136
    Hi Magnolia, Welcome to the Forum. We have a list of private diagnositic centres under oru diagnosis page - please do take a look:

    With regards to homework this is a tricky one. When my daughter was at mainstream school and expected to do it, she couldn't. We tried leaving the work out rather than saying it's time to do your homework now and sometimes that worked. Schedulling onto the weekly timetable she uses sometimes worked too. However now we're at specialist school she doesn't have to do homework so life has become easier for us.... she now asks her teacher for homework and does it without any reminder, often on a friday evening!

    Hopefully others maybe able to suggest some more ideas soon. Please do keep posting with any other questions that you may have too.

  • Magnolia
    Posts: 4
    Thank you so much - sorry it has taken so long to reply! His current school have said he doesn't have to complete his homework if he can't, which is a big help. I might well try the timetable approach too, thank you.

    I have another question please - does anyone have any experience of ASPENS and/or used their specialist services and home visits? Thanks a lot
  • Em83Em83
    Posts: 68
    Hi Magnolia

    I don't know anything about ASPENS I'm afraid, but wanted to mention about Homework.
    My son was the same he could not cope with the demand of homework, now he is in a specialist school just like RhanH says he doesn't get homework but we have found now the demand of having to do work at home has passed he will enagage in more stealth learning and sometimes obvious learning at home with us. Always on his own terms but hes rediscovering a love of learning again. I have some friends whose children do their homework at school as they prefer to keep all work to school so this may be an option he could try?

    Hopefully someone else can help with your other questions!
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,136
    I'm sorry I've not heard of ASPENS, but having googled I see they're based in Kent so I will ask around the contacts I have and get back to you if I hear anything. Hopefully some other families maybe able to help too.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586
    Homework was one of the biggest issues for my youngest son from day one at High School . It was a nightmare getting him to do any ! Their answer was to put him on detention time after time . First diagnosis was at 17 of Aspergers . He has just had a formal diagnosis of PDA at 21 .
    What we have done at College is to do as much Music practice and studying as possible in College Time . We have also dropped external Music examinations and concentrated on the Undergraduate Course examinations to reduce the anxiety .
    Personally what I would do ask the school to put the work in the bag . If it’s done that’s fine but no pressure whatsoever to do homework .
    Who will be able to support you is Laura Kerbey from PAST in Leatherhead . She has specialists work with her on the Education side and also runs support groups .
  • Magnolia
    Posts: 4
    Thank you everyone for all your positive suggestions - I really appreciate it :-) . And Holly59 thank you for suggesting Laura Kerbey - I went to one of her training sessions and it was brilliant, and I would highly recommend it to all PDA parents. She is so knowledgeable and helpful.

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