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PDA talk.
  • Connor
    Posts: 111
    I have been asked by my son's paediatrician to give a talk next week to approx 8 ot 10 doctors about PDA at the hospital. I am so pleased that I can help to make people more aware of this condition, paricularly the medical profession. I also feel quite nervous. If there is anything any body wants me to mention etc please let me know as I want to make sure I do this right.
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    Go girl! I think thats fantastic. Good luck and let us know how it goes. The more word spreading the better.
    Margo x
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566

    That's fantastic! Don't be nervous, you obviously know more than they do or they wouldn't have asked you to talk to them about PDA.
    Use some printed info. from the Elizabeth Newson Centre to back up your talk.
    Stress the main criteria ie Demand Avoidance, need to be in control and manipulation of adults.
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Yay well done, the more opportunities we get, the better!
  • Hiya!

    How did the talk go - and where did you give the talk?

    It'd be interesting to know if you've been in contact with any of the professionals I've been in contact with over the last couple of years - we were given PDA as the closest fit "label", without formal diagnosis at the EN Centre. So much of what I've read in this site has rung true with our son, and the "handling guidelines" and tips from other parents has been invaluable.

    Hope to year from you soon!
  • Connor
    Posts: 111
    I did the talk at Treliske for lots of people, some neo natal doctors and registrars etc. It went well. My main contact is Dr. Lewis who gave us the initial diagnosis and referred us to nottingham where pda was confirmed in June, waiting for report.
    If you would like to meet up as you are in cornwall or talk on phone private message me. I loved your term by the way, was it 'mind athletics' you said a while back. Well I feel like i am in with a good chance for an olympic gold!
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