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just an update
  • hi everyone,ive been reading alot of the topics from everyone,i feel so normal now ,i really felt like i was the only person to have a child with going to meet with saxons new school today ,im taking him with me i can usually tel by his body language if he could get used to it there .my husband has to work so ill have to go on my own with him,i just hope i dont forget to ask the right questions and get across what he needs.ive printed off the pda information and the education part for them.i really think my daughter tulip has had pda this whole time ,ive written to her psychiatrist to have another look at her diagnosis or if he can refer her to the elizabeth newson place.shes 15 now and i dont know how she is going to cope as an adult,i know that the mistakes we have made with tulip helps for saxon because we have learnt alot from it but i jsut dont want to fail tulip,im not going to give up hope for her thee must be some one that can help.but back to saxon ,ive read lots of tips about pda so im hoping the change to senior school will be ok.he hasnt been statmented yet hes on action plus,the school wher he is a t the moment have done wonders i just hope the seniors can carry it on .if things go wrong dose anyone know of any special needs schools or other mainstreem schools that can take on a pda child?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566

    How did the visit to the new school go?

    I come from Nottingham so can't help with schools in Essex.

    Come on ESSEX PARENTS can you help mumofeight?

    Some people say mainstream school with lots of support is best for PDA children.
    If a child has learning difficulties, PDA (and Autism, like my son) then maybe special school could be the answer.

    Take Care
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