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Trips to Hospital
  • Garden
    Posts: 329
    Our PDA daughter managed an overnight in hospital this week. She came home from school with a wierd rash on her arm (inner arm behind her elbow). Now, she had this two weeks ago and we ended up at A&E then because the pharmacist sent us up there when we went looking for cream. Apparently it looked like meningitis - though she had no other symptoms they still did all the tests as they have to be sure. And when that came back negative they started looking at leukaemia (!) but all the blood tests were fine for that too. They said it was probably one of those things, but to come back if it happened again.

    And so we ended up back in A&E on Tuesday. This time they were v worried as we now had a pattern. They ran all the tests again but in the meantime decided to admit her as they were scared she was having internal bleeding (the rash was much worse this time).

    Well, all the blood tests came back negative, but they weren't convinced and so they have ordered more blood tests, which apparently could take about two weeks. The haemiatologist (sorry if that's spelled wrongly) was bemused - she said that with a blood problem you would expect the child to have had some other bleeding e.g. the gums or nose and to be a bit weak, but our daughter was absolutely full of it.

    Then someone had the bright idea of sending her to see a dermatologist. To cut a long story short she has decided that our daughter has been rubbing her arm! And she got two colleagues in to have a look and they agree. That's actually been written on her discharge sheet (though to be fair they are still looking into the blood clotting business with all the tests).

    Anyway, I do hope it's her rubbing her arm obviously rather than the blood clotting. If it is she has really surpassed herself this time. Even better than the time she lied her way through an eye test - she had decided she wanted glasses and told me her eyes were hurting her at school. She kept this up for weeks.

    She is adopted and her birth mother had Munchausen's By Proxy - she had her sister (whom we have also adopted) in hospital four times when she was a baby for 'failure to thrive' but actually she just wasn't feeding her, and she was caught fiddling with another daughter's tubes when she was in hospital.

    The paediatrician who diagnosed our daughter with PDA was interested in the birth mother's history, especially the Munchausen's, which she thinks is part of the role playing element of PDA. But I haven't seen it written anywhere. Does anyone else have any experience of this?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    Hi Garden

    WOW all the tests, hospital visits, strange doctors etc must have been exhausting for you and very scary for your daughter!

    I do hope it turns out just to be her rubbing her arm. Children! They put us through some tough ordeals don't they.

    Sorry, don't have any info ie Munchausens etc.

    Do you have the 2 sisters, or did you adopt any more? What a wonderful gift you must be to those children, I do admire you as I had always wanted to adopt a child but felt I shouldn't/couldn't after having our 3 children, 2 of whom are disabled.

    Hope life has returned to some kind of normality!
    Take Care
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