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From your experiences, what do you believe consitutes PDA?
  • Hi, I'm Fringgy Fringe. For my acting class, I'm writing a monologue about a character who has PDA, and who is in a relationship with an older woman who is molesting her daughter? I showed one of the forum members my ideas about the character, and I was told that my character had too much insight (into people) to be PDA. And yet, this is what I thought sepearates PDA from AS and autism. I was told about the problems between distinguishing boundaries between child and adult, reality and fantasy, student and teacher, but apparently thats not enough. Anyway, beacause this is due this Thursday, although in rough draft form, next Monday we present the monologues to an audience of restless teenage acting students, as well as actual psychologists (two of whom specialize in ASD's)and theater teachers, I really would appreciate and be very thankful for feedback asap. Afterwards, the theater teachers and the psychologists are going to discuss the authenticity of each character and whether they fit or mimick their supposed diagnosis.

    I already posted the monologue. It's called Reflections of a character with PDA

    Anyway, here's the synopsis of my character, Lunin.

    unin is just this child who, until he reaches 11, is totally immersed in a world in which he's isn't so much the center of the universe as he is the universe. From when he's very young, Lunin is capable of seeing similarities between different groups of people, and different physical entities. At age 3, Lunin is already developing a sentimental side. He is able to write about how similar the dynamics of kinetic energy in physics and emotions are to one another. It's just that one pertains to physical entities. The other to human thought and behavior. He sees all sorts of things that are good in people, but it's just that his parents and the adults and his peers in his life all expect him to act and think and behave in a certain way, and adhere strictly to the impulses of whatever insitutional code is thrust upon him. He sees that people generally, if they're well kempt, brush their teeth. He feels sick to his stomach as he brushes his teeth. He sees the emptiness inside a psychologist eyes. He takes on the role of the psychologist, to both shame the white coater for allowing himself to become hollow, and yet he also inspires the white coater to become impassioned about how others thin.

    In school, Lunin does nothing but produce havoc. On his IQ test, he makes obscene symbols with the block design, then asks the psychologist how they apply to his practice. He has this crush on this girl named Serena Sharpar, so one day when he hears her whisper in her friends ear about how this teacher kept touching her "funny", after reading the Bible he finds a way to make it look as though her teacher has an unspecified, deadly and thus totally incurable STD. Lunin takes on the role as a the Phantom Prophet of the Estranged Children of Venus. (It's really pretty hard for me to explain how he convinces the teacher that there's an unknowmn prophet watching his every move without drawing it out.) As this estranged prophet, he writes a pamphlet on an STD that can only be obtained through pedophilic thoughts, and slowly devours his spirit. Also, Lunin has an intense fear of clowns. What's really scary for him is that clowns are the schools mascot. So during the assembly, he finds out that one of the clowns has a fear of midgets. In order to gain control of the situation, Lunin hones a gravely Brooklyneese sailor accent, dresses up as a midget clown, goes up on stage at the assembly and tells the clown that has a fear of midgets that he is his long lost bastard son, and that he wants to follow his fathers footsteps by being professional bozo. This ensues in both the clown and Lunin, out of fear, getting into a physical fight. Luckily Lunin was unharmed.

    Ultimately, Lunin gets kicked out of school. When he does, he's no longer welcome in his family's home. So, Lunin's homeless, and one day, Serena sees him with her mother Sabrina. And what happens is they decide to take him in. Serena has a serious crush on Lunin, but whenever they're together, Lunin always pretends to be "Fringe" this hypermasculine, violent white rapper type. When he's around Serena's mother Sabrina, Lunin is very sweet and warm, and he'll open up to her about nearly anything...except his awareness of Sabrina's abusing Serena, and of the fact, that despite what Sabrina is doing to Serena, he is pathologically in love with Sabrina. Even though he desperately wants to save Serena by caring for her, not as ultraviolent Fringe, but as loveful, empathic Lunin, his brain doesn't allow for him to act on his deepest, most genuinely human desires.

    As Lune is saying the monologue, he is trying every which way to avoid expressing both his love and contempt for Sabrina.

    Thank you so much again for taking the time to read this.

    Again, any comments or suggestions about whether or not and why he does or doesn't have PDA will be appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Fringgy Fringe
  • I'm really sorry to ask again, but I really need your help!!! :cry:
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    I'd really love to help and I think many others would too but as this forum is full of stressed out mums who live with a child with PDA and who use this forum for help and advice, the abstractness of your monologue is difficult for me and perhaps others, to have time to get their heads round. I have no idea sometimes what goes on in my childs head but I dont think he would be capable of the complicated processes your character seems to have evolved. Your character seems to have a very philosophical way of thinking which I am unsure if would be true certainly of my son. Because my child is still quite young perhaps others living with an older child/young adult would be able to better answer your question but why don't you contact the Elizabeth Newson Centre as they are experts in the field. In my small amount of experience, people with PDA have no difficulty expressing their most deepest basic desires be it love or hate, in fact, we know all too well that they can be incredibly loving one minute and just as hating the next.
    Good luck.
  • Thank you so much Mango! I will contact them asap! For monday's the big day.

    Problem is I live in the States and I don't know how to reach them from the here.

    Any suggestions?
  • I also plan on being a psychologists, and possibly working with children with PDA.
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    Firstly, though there isn't much about PDA by affected individuals, there's a lot of autistics who have written stuff about their experiences. One who seems to have a lot of similarity to PDA is Donna Williams (Nobody Nowhere, Somebody Somewhere and a pile of other books).
    Secondly, you may find my blog entry about milder social difficulties helpful:
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