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  • my 12 year old son has in my opinion depression, he has been on a real donwward spiral has any one else any experince of this or can offer anything that has helped, He is refusing to go to the GP with me , I will be visting school after the holidays to see what support they can offer, I don't want him dependant on medication, yes i have been a manic depressive since i was 19, good home life although i am now a single parent - past 5 years. Would really appreciate any one who can help, thanks :(
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    Hi Sallie8364,
    Welcome to the site! I'm presuming your child has PDA as well as depression? What are his symptoms? Do you know what might be causing it? Is he definitely depressed - I'm sure you have looked at lots of websites about depression in children and you obviously have first hand experience of it yourself but its worth checking if he has any physical symptoms in case he is physically unwell. Some children gain a lot of insight into their condition - whatever condition they have - and understand it makes them different and this can make them feel very low. Is he being bullied or anything happening at school? Would he be interested in child and family therapy? Sometimes this can help and he might be keener on that rather than going to the GP. Its a good opportunity for children to discuss their feelings sometimes without their parents. The chances are your GP wont treat him anyway due to his age but you could probably get a referral to C&FT without taking him to the GP's as long as you thought he would go. Some psychiatrists do treat depression in children and prozac is now licenced for over 8's, however there are some concerns that it can increase suicidal behaviour so he would have to be seen by a child psychiatrist for assesment. Have a look at this website:
    Hope this is of some use
  • Hi Margo
    thanks for replying, yes he does have PDA and I feel that I am very good at reading him, but this is very different and he has told me he is so sad with his life, he has all the typical symptons of depression, I don't want him on drugs of any type, Ritalin was once discussed so i have never been back to a GP with him,everthing has been dealt with through school and an alternative therapist ,who he has asked to go back and see, but he is adamant that there is nothing that he wants to talk to anyone else about, we are very open and honest, he communicates his feelings very well. I have decided that i will go to see the GP and discuss this further with him, I think that we have a lot happening at home, my sister and I have both discovered lumps in the breast and my sisters is cancer. i will find out on Tuesday , my son is very aware of what is happening and also he has started a new school and yes there were some bullying issues but we have dealt with them and he said he wants to be back at school as he hates the holidays, as he is out of routine. iam calling school on Monday to speak with the SEN coordinater and will see were we go from there.

    thanks again for taking the time to reply, it's good to share it really helps

  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Hi Sallie, just to let you know that ritalin wouldn't help with depression anyway and is mainly prescribed for help with concentration. It may well be that as he is 12 puberty is starting to take hold and that could bring about the changes that you are seeing and add that to the obvious anxieties around school and your help and it's no wonder he's feeling a bit different. Does he have a paediatrician? Sometimes GP's don't have the same understanding of the needs of our kids as their paediatricians do.
    This must be a worrying time for you and my thoughts are with you, managing our children can be a challenge and with all these extra issues you are worrying about too it must be twice as hard. You are among friends here though, never forget that.

  • HI Sallie

    I guess ur the person who knows ur son best and if thats what u feel then u must try to seek professional help & advice. I dont have any idea what depression is like in kids but like u in my opinion my son T is depressed and he needs help.

    Is ur son under CAMHS? i suggest if he isnt to get him in there (GP referal normally but u can ring them urself with ur concerns) i havent had a good experience with CAMHS (moved to a new area in august) so im hoping this time i will.

    Good luck and even tho things are bad try to take some comfort in knowing WE all understand and thats half the battle eh!

    Bambi x
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    Hi Sallie

    When my son was 12 he took a downward spiral. There is also a history of depression in our family. I have sent you a private message because of personal details, hope you can access it as I hope our family history may be of help to you.

    Take Care
  • thank you all for taking time to reply, your advise has really helped and I have made a call to school today and they are making a referal, my son is off school again today, which i know is not good, anyway onwards and upwards.

    Thanks everyone

    Sallie :)
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