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i need somw help!!!!
  • :(
    hi all am new to the site and am at my wits end with the behaviour of my son age 6 and half, Jacob was diagnoised as PDA at 3 at eastbourne district and we were sent on our way to cope....i have read alot of papers from nottingham uni on PDA but nothing i read gives me ant tips on behviour...the last year at school has been very taxing to say the least
    please advise me on how to deal with the constant tempers and stims ( very high pitched yelping and screaming )... does this get better???? i feel like im griving for my child and he is right in front of me? how do i engage him in conversation and family life when he just doesnt want to join in....have tried ignoring negative behaviours and rewarding potive instead but jacob really hates this and his behaviour get wose the more i praise the smallest thing?????
    really would love your help. any advice is great
  • Hi, I am afraid I am searching for the same answers as you - given some general advice but nothing further. We have asked our GP for a referal back to the child psychologist to see if they can offer anything more - its the aggression and mood swings that is really worrying us.

    :D :lol: :wink: 8) :shock:
  • we are also waiting for another app ..after the school has said that jacob is becoming more and more difficult to engage and they feek he would benifit from a one to one in class... there is just no advice for this group of children.. how old is your child? have you found anything that helps? im considering some form of medication at the moment as the last few months have been so at my wits end and am willing to try anything, we resently started him on the omega 3 fish oils as reports show some improvement of concentration in some children....its worth a shot,
    i just want him to want and need me a little and be part of the family i dont think thats expecting miricales it???????
  • Hello again, I dont think you are expecting miracles at all - its just not fair to see your child get so angry and cross. I know how lovely and wonderful my son can be when he is not angry/ emotional. And the mood changes seems to happen so quickly :o
    He is age 6 in February, and was diagnosed in January 2004 with PDA.

    We are giving him Efalex (omega 3 and 6 - sold in Boots). We tried it before and didnt really give it long enough. We have tried again. Luckily he has no objections to taking the medicine and is really good about it - I wouldnt be as I tried it once and even though it claims to be some sort of citrus flavour it still just tastes like cooking oil to me - not nasty just oily.
    We want to discuss whether there are any behaviour management programs/ therapies that will help - we are at a loss sometimes as to how to deal with his behaviour. And if medications are appropriate we are open to discussing them as well.
    I hope that you get some help and support fairly soon...
    ps we have posted a profile in the aintroductions area of this forum, although if you are not a member I am unsure as to whether you will see it..
  • gram
    Posts: 18

    may I suggest a book The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene Ph.d available from Amazon, around 8 GBP. It contains practical information for understanding and parenting easily frustrated children. I hope this is helpful. :?:

    also try
  • I am mid way through reading this book and think its very good. I have to get my hubby to read it next and see what he thinks as well. I would recommend anyone else to read it too...
  • jelv
    Posts: 185
    Could I ask one of you to post a brief review of the book to the Notice Board forum please. If you could make the subject of the post Book Review: The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene. This should make it easy for others to find in the future. The initial post can be very brief, others can then add their own comments.
  • jelv
    Posts: 185
    A review of the book has been posted which I have split off from this thread and put in to the Notice Board forum here.
  • teeney00
    Posts: 1
    I have a daughter who has PDA she was diagnosed in 1998 she is now 15. I have found it a struggle over the years not just with my daughter but with the medical profession and everyone you could name to mention. She was very violent when she was younger. Professions trying to tell me how to cope with her. What I find with her is there is certain levels in her PDA before what I call a full out burst. The trick is to try and calm down the situation before the fuse goes. Distract them by doing something else. Put a movie on the TV. Show them a book. Distraction is the key I have found in the early stages. But if non of that works then I know she is going to blow. :( .
    When she was little I used to be black and blue all over. Her father left me not long after the diagnosis so have brought her up with her two sisters by myself. Not getting much help from the authorities. Useless they are. I found at times that I could not cope and certain things I did I shouldn't have (to long to say on here not bad). But until I did them nothing was done. They heard a cry for help to some extent. Now I am dreading the next few years as she has to transit or move up into the adult world. New social workers, new teams etc. Some people are lucky they have aupares to help them. But like myself there are many who find it difficult. Often lonely at times. I would be interested in hearing from other SINGLE parents with PDA kids. If I can help anyone at all with my daughter being 15 I can give the information I know with her. She is one of the severest cases of PDA. Behavourable problems. Temper tantrums. Learning difficulties etc.

    Please feel free to contact me a
  • fredam
    Posts: 4
    I agree....the book The Explosive Child is well worth it.

    We did a lot of "divert and distract" - we could see an incident coming and would head it off at the pass. He took a lot of baths and did a lot of baking in the afternoons. LOL

    When he was really small, it was just a matter of finding ways to get around it. For example, they say...dont take them to the supermarket. Well, I had to. We used to have a paddy the minute we hit the door all the way through the shop. Then I started giving him a packet of crisps as soon as we got in. He would crunch through them as I shopped and never had another paddy. I also had him shop - gave him a list with pictures or let him carry a basket.

    Basically, we just tried to find a solution to each situation. Now that he is 8, I dont remember a lot right off hand, but if you ask I might.

    I do sympathize, though......I remember many a time carrying him out of places under my arm and getting my hair pulled. However, one thing I learned was to stay calm - the quieter it stays, the less agitated he would get.

    As for Efalex.....that sent him totally BALLISTIC - every time we tried it he would get excluded from school! We even went down to a tiny little amount and he still bounced off the walls. So while it works for most people, I think that some can react to it. We now give him vitamins which are packed with the B vitamins. These supposedly help with the processing of the fishy oils in the brain. We see a massive deterioration in his behaviour and mood if he misses a couple days of them or we cant find the vitamins with the B's in them.

    Good luck and if you want to email its I might be able to help with specific situation if I know what they were.


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