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The Christmas hols!
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,564
    Hi Everyone

    My family have had a very quiet christmas compared to previous years and I've got to say the boys have been really good!
    There have been no suprises, virtually no visitors, no late nights, no shopping and we have played with them loads over the last 6 days.
    Must say we are now getting a little bored but at least there have been no major tantrums from the boys and no tears of frustration and sadness from me!!!
    We are continuing the same theme over the new year so will post more next week to let you know if it continues to work!

    Hope you are all OK

    Happy New Year to everyone


    PS I haven't locked myself in the bathroom with the red wine yet but there's still 10 days before they go back to school!!!!
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Same here really, no lights, no pressie pile christmas morning, they've opened them as they came in and there is definitely a difference in behaviour.

    Mind they are still attacking each other at any available occasion, nothing new there though ho hum
  • Hi, Christmas here been fairly quiet too! Enjoying it while it lasts :D
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    Same here,
    We have even been away for a few days visiting and he was brill - bit of shouting and slamming doors tonight but no major meltdowns ..... ahhhhh - cheers everyone!
  • jojes
    Posts: 25
    Hi all,we had a nice xmas my little man always enjoys time off from school,although he enjoys his own company a lot of the time.Anyway hes back to school tommorrow all mums think not worth it for one day but for my little man i feel is ideal ease him back in gently.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,564
    Hi Everyone

    A little update - New Year was very quiet, no party, no late night, no fireworks, no visitors!

    2nd Jan 2008 - The boys have been in the same house for approx 10 days, 24 hours a day but we had so far managed to keep them apart most of the time. There had been a few arguements, lots of door slamming and a few punches thrown but none on target!
    THEN -I raised my voice just for one sentence at my Asperger son and my PDA son went wild!!!
    PDA son through an object at brother, brother flew at PDA son and punched him repeatedly in the face. I dragged him off, but PDA son went wild!!! I managed to keep them apart but took repeated kicks to my legs, clawing to my arms and several( black bruised) teeth marks to one arm.
    Needless to say PDA son trashed his room and took 3 hours to calm himself.
    My sons have not spoken to each other for 2 days.

    I suppose all I can say is I tried very hard and it worked for 10 days!
    That night I ate a whole box of Thornton's Choc's and drank double my usual amount, YES 2 glasses of wine!!!

    My son's are 13 and 17 both on the spectrum and I love them both with all my heart.
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