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  • Hi guys

    Sorry not been about but life just seems to get harder no matter how hard i try. Anyway i am updating u below with the latest events and boy do i feel like i could drop due to exhaustion, we cant drop as we still need to carry on for the sake of our children's health & well-being.

    Monday 14th Jan

    Tribunal for assessment of SEN

    First of all i am exhausted! its been a long day and my head hurts.

    The LEA's reason for not assessing T is that they dont know if the author of the report done in Nottingham is qualified to state the contents! so that is why they are not taking on board Ts problems, also that the fact he wont go to school is because its a home problem. The Chair then said but if the situation is home based why will he not go to school? they had no answer, like they did to a lot of things that were asked.

    The HT said his bit and that T had been violent with the helper coming from the school to try coax T into school, also that his anxities were heightened when she came to our house to try get him to school.

    Myself & solicitor did our bit and i explained in detail in some parts exactly how Ts difficulties effect him, giving examples of why he has a pragmatic language impairment (even tho the LEA are not taking on board his report) along with how the schools have said nothing is wrong when i get the brunt of his anxieties and what has been wrong in school for him and i stated the fact that i do not wish T not to be in school and he is missing out on an education he so rightly deserves and needs.

    My solicitor said i did really well, i dont think i did but i have never been in this situation before so its all new to me, i just hope it was enough to make them realize they need to assess T before his refusal of school goes on any longer.

    Tuesday 15th Jan

    Ts MRI scans & blood tests due to his Precocious Puberty

    When we left the house this morn it was dark and we have come back in dark.

    Cutting a long story short coz im knackered and a bit battered, T finally had scans of his tummy & brain along with the blood taken for tests.

    I got attacked not so bad b4 but afterwards it was hell, T lost the plot at me and nurses, i have been crying all day (well i havent but it seems like all day!) my eyes hurt and im feeling very tired.

    These 2 days have really knocked me for 6.

    Bambi x
  • gina40
    Posts: 26
    aww hun what a horrid time for you , hope they get there heads from up there jacksy and get something sorted for him soon
    take care hun xxx
  • Bambi, It sounds like you are going through absoloute hell at the moment, I hope and pray that something turns around for you, i really do your son needs help and you need help to give him the help he needs.

    Just wanted to say I am thinking of you, take care, wish there was hugs on here cos I would be sending you some
  • Hi. I too am sorry you have had a stressful couple of days, and fingers crossed that you get some results/ answers for your efforts as you deserve them
    Take care,
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