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Lost tribunal for SEN
  • :(

    OK guys this is the top and bottom of it, i really am beginning to wonder why my son went to Nottingham to be assessed, the report from them is being ignored and it seems the report holds no weight what so ever :(

    life sure sucks!

    Apparently T has no probs in school and even tho the report from Nottingham states he has a pragmatic language impairment along with sensory difficulties the author of the report has not made any specific recommendations which are likely to require the LA to make a statement of SEN for T.

    They would like to recommend that the relevant agencies take seriously my request for help and implement as soon as possible a strategy for returning T to school, this will be impossible given the light of MD meeting on Monday!

    Disappointed? i am yes, giving up the fight? no bloody way!

    I have 10 days in which to appeal to the high court if i think the decision was wrong on a point of law. Spoke with Solicitor this morning and we meet on Tuesday to discuss this further.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi Bambi

    Your certainly are having a very tough time!!!
    It will be very interesting to know what the solicitor will do/say next.
    Also what the LEA/School will do next?
    I've never been in your situation, you must be so frustrated, angry and fed up!!!

    I presume Phil Christies name was on the Nottm report, did they not take into account that he is a very qualified Psychologist in ASD's?

    In Nottingham there are many children with SEN who do not have Statements yet their needs are met in mainstream school (ie they do get support); could T get support without a Statement Of SEN?

  • My LA are not accepting the report from Nottingham, they are saying T has no SEN so therefore needs no support in school, he is now into his 4th month of refusing school and he does not qualify for home tuition.

    Like i have said before no-one cares about what Ts probs are, he has no problems and its all down to parenting, i have a 14 yr old son who has NEVER had problems like T and i am sick of people (professionals) treating me like i know nothing about how to raise a child, but again ignorance prevails.

  • Bambi, I want to wish you luck for when you meet with your solicitor and I really hope they can find a point in law, it must be so frustrating for you and I really don' know where you can go from here.

    I just wondered could your solicitors get legal aid and have T see a psychiatrist for another opinion, I have had to go down this route and I think the more evidence you get will help your case and if that means going down the independant route then that may be what you need to do. I don't know what else to suggest but just wanted to say take care, drop me a pm if you ever want to chat :D
  • Thats exactly what we are going to do angel, i have just been awarded legal funding via the solicitors for T :) he went for this just before xmas knowing that we were gonna have to fight them all the way due to the ignorance of the LA & LEA.

    I will need several reports as i wont leave nothing out, i already have an independent SALT report and a letter from a Developmental Psychologist down south, but i know now after doing some searching i need OT & EP independent reports also.

    The more the better, it is known Parents can total up a bill of over £11,000 thats crazy but thats what the system forces parents to do just to get what their disabled child needs, criminal!
  • Really sorry things have turned out this way, and I hope that you appeal and win with the reports that you get from the other professionals. How can they ignore a report from a centre which specialises in ASD and other language/ communication disorders??

    Take care [-o<
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