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Useful Resources - Supporting someone with anger/ anxiety/ managing meltdowns
  • Hi
    I am creating a new topic for people to look for (and hopefully add to) any useful information links that might help other families or professionals. This thread should be used to add links that are related to supporting someone with anxiety/ anger management/ managing meltdowns
    Please add a description which gives some explanation as to what the resource is, and how it might be useful! You are also welcome to post book titles etc that are relevant to this category as well. Thank you
  • I have used this book with my young son who has a diagnosis of autism and it was quite useful to work through the booklet with him to help him to start to recognise when he was getting anxious and angry and to think about strategies that might help him. You can buy from other stockists but its currently on sale on the NAS website.

    When my worries get too big! - A relaxation book for children who worry a lot
    Kari Dunn Buron
    Published by: The National Autistic Society

    New price - was £8.99 NOW- £3.99. While stocks last.
    More than anything, 'losing control' can cause major problems for children. Aimed at children aged 5-9, this book gives them an opportunity to explore with parents or teachers their own feelings as they react to events in their daily lives, while learning some useful relaxation techniques. Children who use the simple strategies presented in this charming book, illustrated by the author Kari Dunn Buron, will find themselves relaxed and ready to work or play.

    Kari worked for many years as a special needs teacher. She is co-author with Mitzi Curtis of The incredible 5-point scale, assisting children with ASDs in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional responses, aimed at children aged 7-13 and also published in UK English by The National Autistic Society.

    Statutory Notices: UK edition
    Print Format: Full colour, illustrated
    Number of pages:44
    First Publication: 2008
  • elve
    Posts: 182
    I bought my son 2 books in the series 'what to do when...'
    Firstly 'when you worry too much' this is a workbook style book which you work through with your child, or give them to work through alone if they are older, or in my case, read myself, as my son of course refused to read it! I was able to counsel him using the advice therein though - we have always been very conversational, mainly because once I start talking you can't shut me up (which is such a surprise to anyone reading my huge long posts LOL) He was about 10 maybe? when I bought this book - Most of his worries were never shared with me or anyone else - he kept everything to himself and probably believed he was alone in worrying about these things. This book showed him that we all have irrational worries, and that they can be minimised with a bit of practice.

    I later bought the one on 'when your temper flares' (again he refused to read it) when he was in his teens, and even though it's aimed at younger children, that didn't matter, since these kids are very 'young' inside compared to their chronolgical age. It did help him see that feelings of aggression are NORMAL though - it's very frightening and shaming when you are overwhelmed by rage and feel that nobody else ever has this problem. Once he was at college of FE he struggled socially and had no friends - the other boys on foundation skills being school dropouts, were very intimidating for him (he's not very tall either). This book did help him realise he could WALK AWAY rather than fight - which was a crucial turning point in his behaviour. He started keeping away from situations which might spark fights too, like free time at lunch break.

    There is also a book in the series about dreading bedtime and sleep problems, which he could probably use now at times! I think it would have helped him as he's never been a good sleeper, due to worrying about things
  • Elve my friend bought 'what to do when you grumble too much' for her child (autism diagnosis not PDA and I thought it looked particularly useful when your child has a very fixed (and negatively focused) mindset!

    I will have a look at the other ones you recommended, thanks!.

    The huge bag of worries is a lovely book to read with a child - the illustrations are nice and it talks about how a lady helps a young girl to get rid of her 'huge bag of worries' . Very nice for starting a conversation about worries and I have used this with my son. I also loaned it to my niece to use with her son.

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