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  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,595
    Hi Everyone

    I wanted to wish everyone who uses the PDA Society forum a HAPPY NEW YEAR..............

    For most of us we will have been through many, many tough times in 2014 and we know that we are facing the unknown for 2015.
    For most of us we will have been through many ups and downs and probably more "downs!" in 2014 and we will not know how the scales will balance out in 2015.

    Awareness of PDA is on the increase!
    The first book on PDA was published
    The PDA Society have now started presenting - Courses for Parents regarding all aspects of PDA
    The PDA Society have an "Enquiry Line" where Parents can either request email contact or telephone contact with a Committee Member of the PDA Society (an experienced parent of a child with PDA)
    There are now several Facebook and twitter sites where parents to chat to each other.
    There are NAS and NORSACA Conferences and Workshops

    When I think back 10 years to when I first read about PDA and I had my own "light bulb" experience (my son was 10 years old and had been diagnosed with Autism for 6 years), I looked on the internet...........
    All I found was the "PDA Contact Group" (now k/a the PDA Society), it was the only life line for Parents!
    (There was no Books, no courses, no enquiry line, no recognition)

    There is still a long, long way to go to getting all our children diagnosed and their needs meet in schools etc but things are better now in 2015 than they were in 2005!

    I write this post to give you all hope, much of the above has been achieved by Parents and much more can be achieved in the near future.

    Let's all work together whether it is in small or large ways to help raise Awareness of PDA!

    This group has been my lifeline in 2014.
  • Yes, me too. Thank you for all the advice & the reassurance that we are not alone. All the very best to everyone for 2015

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