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Proposed loss of free school transport for disabled children
  • MHO
    Posts: 111
    In today's Worcester News it is reported that disabled children in Worcestershire are to lose their automatic right to free school transport. Apparently the council's cabinet member for children and young people's services declared that disabled children already have an entitlement to Disability Living allowance and should not need a free transport allowance too. The councillor is quoted as saying, "The DLA already includes a transport allowance within it."

    I'm aware that the DLA includes a mobility component, but I hadn't seen that as a transport allowance. I'd be interested to hear of parents' experiences and to know if this type of cost-cutting is common in other parts of the country.
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    I have a mobility car for Mark but we provide his transportation to and from school and I have to say I spend over £60 on petrol per week most of this is for getting him to school. It makes me sick, what else are they going to begrudge us next, already we don't seem to have a right to our freedom due to the withdrawl and the re classification of respite care. More and more we are left feeling like not only are our children treated like second classed citizens but us too, and our other children. Care in the community, what a laugh that has turned out to be. Prisoners seem to get a better deal than we do at times, at least they get somewhere quiet to hide away now and then, aI certainly don't get that!
  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    Although this doesnt affect me .... what about the children who are only on the low rate mobilty? or the ones who dont get the mobility componenet at all?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi MHO

    Any idea when this new rule is going to be enforced ?

    This new idea is ridiculous! How would mothers get 3 or 4 children to different schools in the morning. They can't do a 20mile round trip to special school and get other children to primary school.
    OR if they were made to pay for the Taxi for the special school child, it could cost hundreds each week!!!

    Is there anyone you and your daughter could write to ie MP or Councillor or SEN/LEA?

    DLA can never cover everything a disabled child needs.

    MHO you need to write and complain!

  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    This IS terrible. Here is the link to the news article. It says it is only a proposal and awaiting public consultation!
  • MHO
    Posts: 111
    Thanks, Margo, for putting in the link to the newspaper article. As you point out it's only a proposal at the moment and is to be put out for public consultation. It will only apply in any case to newly assessed children, but I feel it really is outrageous and I wondered if this particular form of cost cutting had been proposed anywhere else. As for the public consultation I fear that this will be a mere formality, as it was when the provision of special needs education within the county was "restructured." There were so many letters of objection, a well-supported march to County Hall where a petition with thousands of signatures was handed in, a lobby group visiting the Houses of Parliament etc. etc. but the changes were voted through as expected. Forgive me if I'm sounding rather cynical!
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