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PDA and sport for kids
  • LuLu
    Posts: 11
    Hello everyone,

    Earlier this year, before we realised what we are likely dealing with, we started 5 year old Lu in football (soccer in Aust). There are only 6 in her team and only 4 play at a time on a smaller field, for the little ones. Only 20 min halves. They don't even keep score in this first year. 4 of the other kids are in Lu's class, 2 of which are her 'friends', so I thought it would be good.

    As the season has gone on, things have gone downhill. Training is a nightmare, she seems to do whatever she likes, inappropriately climbs all over the coach, whinges about the other kids, dobs on them about minor things, gets cranky / verbally vicious at me if i try to get her to comply. The game on Saturday mornings is much the same. She thinks she can just walk off the field whenever she likes etc.

    Yesterday afternoon she flatly refused to go to training. There was no way I could get her dressed, crying, screaming etc and tells me she doesn't want to play anymore (fair enough, if that is true).

    What experience have others had with sport......good and bad? I am thinking about whether to try a more individual type sport for her, but not sure if that wouldn't work either.

    Thanks for any replies xo
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,165
    Hiya, our daughter who is 6, used to love dancing (ballet, tap & modern), she even danced on stage at our local theatre. Then suddenly the demand of having to keep time with others or show a step when requested got too much & she just constantly got upset or started acting aggressively towards the other children... She then decided she knew more than the teacher and should dictate the steps! This then progressed into the music being too loud and constantly hiding... We have taken a break from it, & although she seems keen to try again in Sept I fear the pattern will repeat.

    We've also tried swimming, group sessions were a disaster as she tried to take over. One to one better, but she still likes to boss the instructor about, although fortunately he is understanding of PDA! Individual lessons are so expensive though!

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