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PDA Conference....Let us know if you will be there!
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    The last PDA conference it was only by chance that some of us realised we were on the forum
    I know a couple of you havbe already booked for April so......
    Let's make sure we know who's who this time so if you are going to be there and have booked let us know here and then maybe I can arrange for everyone to sit together

  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,557
    Hi Mandy

    I'll be there!!!!

    Glad you posted this as I didn't get to meet many from this forum at the ENC conference as I had to leave early, so can't wait to meet some of you.

    See you there soon.

  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    I would love to come but Tuesdays are my busiest day and its really difficult for me to get time off. Also there is someone else off that day which makes it even more difficult. I have not completely written it off but its looking a bit tricky. Have you many tickets left? I would be happy to know that if I didn't go it meant someone who couldn't go could - if you know what I mean.
  • holly
    Posts: 25
    Was reading your mail on the Conference in April. Is this at the Elizabeth Newson
    Centre like the one In November that I missed. If so can you please tell me the
    date. It is near on impossible for me to go as I have no support here to look after
    Shannon but school did say they would be interested in sending someone to the
    next conference.
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Actually the last one wasnt at The Elizabeth Newson Centre. This one is in Carlton Nottingham, about 10 mins from the train station.

    If anyone has any organisations they want me to send details to feel free to PM me the email addys.

  • When/where is the conference?Where can details be found?
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    The first topic in notice board is a sticky and is all about the conference. Welcome to the site
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