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Merry Christmas!
  • Just to say I hope everyone has a calm and peaceful Christmas - hopefully Santa will ensure our PDA/PDA-like/suspected PDA children, will be sufficiently distracted to behave!

    Mind you, I can see requests to put presents down to come and eat, or stop dipping into the Quality Street causing a few headaches in our house... 8-|
  • Elaine
    Posts: 75
    Hi, yes good luck to all, the tensions are fairly rising....

    I carelessly had my PDA trait son, M, 8 days after Christmas and my NT daughter 9 days before.
    So far, I have navigated the tree choosing stress - he chose one tree and sister chose another for her favourite aunt. He put up our tree, lights and tinsel (no Xmas music) and let her put the baubles on with me (and lots of music) while he was busy with headphones on. Her birthday passed with some abuse and stress but less than usual as he had already chosen his birthday presents. These have now been purchased and are going to a relatives for safe keeping as the strain of having them in the house would be too much for him. He is happy that an equal amount has been spent on both of them. Xmas presents were found by M on black Friday and both kids are getting the same thing, extra little stocking fillers have been negotiated so no big suprises for M. Although both Xmas gifts are the same M wants first choice but I'm sure daughter will be amenable to this to keep the peace. Christmas dinner has to be chicken - NOT TURKEY - no problem, we all prefer chicken anyway. I know something will cause a big stress (probably me trying to get dinner ready) but nobody else is coming so we'll manage.
    Originally M wanted £1k worth of PC kit and was waking me up every morning at 0630 to reel off his latest list of needs but a loud complaint to my husband that he was driving me nuts and we just don't have the money for it (right now) made him revise his expectations until we can afford it. Postponed but not forgotten....

    So will M join us at the table for dinner, I hope so.

  • Yes Elaine - that was very careless of you! ;)

    I'm having to get turkey for husband and veggie option for the rest of us. It's hard enough trying to get it all in the oven and timed to be ready at the same time without several options!

    We don't have anybody else coming either. The calm of an autistic household.

    £1k!!! How big does he think Santa's sleigh is!

  • Hi, hope all manage a peaceful and calm Christmas.
    Dreading it myself. I have my parents coming on Xmas day to have dinner with my dd and me, as usual. But with mam's Alzheimers getting worse, relations between mam and dad so bad she came to me for. 4 days then respite care for 2 weeks, I'm not holding out much hope. I can almost cope with dd, mam and dad separately, but when all are together it's a madhouse lol
    Anyway, we'll plough on as usual eh?

  • Marymary that sounds very full on. I hope you get some joy this Christmas!

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