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Sensory Issues
  • MarSet
    Posts: 38
    Can anybody explain what Camhs mean by sensory issues, we have to make a list of sensory issues that we have noticed currently and in the past. Were not sure what they mean and the internet seems to be telling me most things are sensory.
    Thank you
  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Hi Mark. This is a huge area, and there is a lot to look out for. A few examples, oversensitive to light touch e.g. labels, smells e.g. the heater in the car, noises, esp several at once, lumpy food, and many many more. My daughter is also insensitive to feedback from her body telling her where she is in space, and so fidgets constantly, likes to be squeezed and have heavy things on her, pushes her toes into the ground when sitting. If you think these may apply to your son, the book the out of sync child is worth a look.
  • MarSet
    Posts: 38
    Thank you SGCmum, ive just spoken to the lady at camhs and she said not to worry about a list as she will get what she needs when we see her next. I just need to think about things from the past.
  • bagpuss24
    Posts: 18
    Cahms gave us a sensory Questionaire to fill out.

    Though - with our son; we have found things such as, being cramped/crowded/busy places (shopping centres/supermarkets), Bright colours/lights (Shopping Centres again), Smells (Perfume shop, soap shop, eggs), Stripey/Dotted/Bright/Busy clothing & decor.

    So - now - during school holidays, we order our shopping (to avoid supermarkets), and if we need to visit a Shopping Centre etc - we have to visit very early, before it's too busy.
    Certain places hold "Autism Friendly" hours, where they turn off loud music/bright lights.

    Morrissons have recently done one. Meadowhall Shopping Centre does them on certain sundays.

    As already mentioned above; it's a huge area!!

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