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Best meds for 14yr old PDA with T1 Diabetes
  • BGM73
    Posts: 1
    Hi. My daughter was dignosed with T1 Diabetes in 2011, then diagnosed with Aspergers and latterly PDA in 2016.
    Her diabetes management is very poor, putting her general health at real risk. Her care team at the Diabetes centre say they cannot improve her diabetes management until she "has her head sorted": by this, they mean reduce her stress / anxiety levels to a point where she can better manage her life generally, then her diabtetes.

    Last year she became a school refuser, so has been referred to a Wellbeing Support Centre which she likes but still doesn't attend because she struggles to sleep, then can't get up in the morning....bit of a vicious circle.

    We have requested medication several times via GP and CAMHS but they say they cannot prescribe anything without her consent, as she is now 14. As a PDA, she just refuses to consent to this, so we struggle on without.
    Ironically, when she was 9, the same CAMHS medic prescribed her Abilify however we refused that at the time as we wanted to explore other management techniques / measures first!

    We want what is best for her but her anxiety levels are so high that she can't manage everyday life and has already had 2 suicide attempts.
    Does anyone have any advice they can offer regarding how we can get appropriate medication for our daughter, without her verbally consenting to it?
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,138
    Hi BGM73, welcome to the Forum. I’m afraid i’ve only limited experience here but I will ask a colleague and you’d also be very welcome to contact our Enquiry line:
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    Hi BGM73

    I wonder if I could ask a question -

    If your daughter won't verbally consent to the medication, is she saying she wouldn't take it even if it was prescribed ???

    There are a lot of children (and adults) who are afraid to take medications, especially when they haven't heard of them before and they are so anxious about everything in life.

    I wonder if you could explain to her that 1 in 4 people take anxiety tablets and giving them a try could really help improve her thoughts and feelings - sometimes our children are to anxious to listen to us, so have you tried email, text or a note left in her bedroom ?

    When my son with Asperger's Syndrome was 18 he became clinically depressed and had high anxiety but he refused any medication. Until he realised there was no other way to get well, he won't take them. He tried to take his life on 2 occasions, thankfully I didn't work and was at home to monitor his mood and movements.
    When he was ready we went to the GP and was prescribed anti-depressants...……... after 4 months the depression had almost gone and the anxiety reduced.

    THe long wait for him to acknowledge he needed the medication was so distressing for us and obviously for him but he had to be the one to decide to take them and he has taken them every day for the last 4 years......and is well.

    I know consenting to meds and taking meds are 2 different things but maybe she isn't ready to consent or take them yet...……..she may need more information in bite sizes pieces?
  • Random123
    Posts: 17
    Well I have PDA (only got told recently) and Type 1 diabeties for 13 years, I’m 20 now, When ever someone tells me to control my diabeties better. I get grumpy and refuse to control however when people don’t tell me to control or diabeitc team suggests how to improve it i go back to controlling.

    I know I might be hard, but perhaps she doesn’t need meds but perhaps if you keep on telling her to control it. Stop saying it or word it in a different way. Like suggestions. See if she changes how she manages it?
  • Rubytuesday
    Posts: 292
    Hi BGM73, one thing that worked for my daughter (for a while) was explaining to her the science behind the medication. I looked up how SSRIs (like Sertraline and fluoxetine) actually work on the brain and explained it to her. Once she understood that she was willing to give medication a try, however she only took it for a few months before stopping... Might be worth trying though?

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