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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Hulio
    Posts: 39

    For the last 5 years my daughter has been in receipt of DLA (low rate mobility, middle rate care). She has the following diagnosis: Age 6 Social & Comms disorder, Age 8 ASD, Age 10 PDA. She was 16 years old in Dec.

    I worked very hard on and put together a comprehensive pack of papers (approx. 1 inch thick of evidence) to accompany the PIP application form. We had our assessment meeting two weeks ago. I wanted to preserve as much of my child's mental health as possible at the meeting so I held back on what I could have said.

    My daughter came across as oppositional and badly behaved and kept overturning everything I said with put downs and indicating that I was lieing. I ended up in tears and the assessment was cut short. This is after the assessor asked me to spill the beans and tell her what she knew my child didn't want to hear (when my daughter went to toilet part way through meeting). At this point I mentioned that she could be verbally and occasionally physically aggressive to her sibling and me which is true and was written into the report.

    She is school refusing (written in report and evidenced with attendance register sheet at the meeting) and I have been told by the SEND that she will be unable to continue at school for A Level (despite her intelligence) as she needs a more specialist provision.

    Guess what score we got..... zeros on every single category of PIP. Big fat Zeros. I could not believe it when I looked at the result.

    I hope that the answer is no but I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar outcome.

    Thank you

  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,151
    Hi Julia

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience, unfortunately I've not been through this myself to be able to offer you any personal advice, however I am aware that the NAS have a good section on benefits within their website. I've included a link here to PIP which may help you to challenge the decision if you wish to consider this:

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