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*** New Research Results Prove Autism Mothers Falsely Accused & Investigated by Social Services ***
  • PDA_ASD_Parent
    Posts: 4,188
    Preliminary results of a sensational new piece of research PROVING that autism mothers are being discriminated against and falsely accused by social services! Share this far and wide! #autismstolenkids This is major folks - mainstream media needs to pick this up ASAP!

    Compare these rates of social services investigations to what would be in the general population (and there is enough of a problem there):

    "Disturbingly, approximately 1 in 5 mothers of a child with autism, regardless of maternal diagnosis, were assessed by social services; of those, 1 in 6 had their child compulsorily placed for adoption. Finally, rates of allegations and investigations of suspected fabricated illness amongst children with autism and their siblings were two orders of magnitude higher than the known incidence the UK."

    "Conclusions: Mothers with autism would benefit from far more and better tailored support. Allegations of fabricated illness, and high rates of surveillance by social services suggest there may be discrimination towards mothers with autism."

    Disability discrimination at it's most toxic - breaking up families.

    The full research article is due out next month.
  • PDA_ASD_Parent
    Posts: 4,188
    Very interesting Londonboy, you find interesting and valid things. I will share that.
  • PDA_ASD_Parent
    Posts: 4,188

    "Though these children may know the difference between right and wrong, they may not understand the consequences of their violent or disruptive actions"

    Well autistics can cognitively say what is right or wrong often, but frequently have real trouble applying it to themselves and real life. It leads to the illusion of complete understanding which is in fact lacking, which leads to imprisonment for people that usually should not be imprisoned. How is it people with mental illness can get off crimes with lost capacity due to their illness?

    It's all very well the Government saying that early diagnosis and support is needed, they need to try enforcing that within the NHS. Whilst there is an agenda not to diagnose autism and whilst social services are set on blaming parents and accusing them of causing attachment problems in their child, misdiagnoses and total lack of support for families will occur. When autistic children are taken from their families and traumatised, where else do they expect them to end up if not in the criminal courts and the like.

    The charities are not fighting for the children, nor the adults. They spend most of their income on admin and PR.

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