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Professionals not even knowing what PDA is. ????
  • Kallie79
    Posts: 27
    Hello folks.
    I just wanted to put this up here to see if any other parents have had experience of this frustrating situation at all and if so what's the best way to handle it ?
    It seems every single professional person with the exception of two of them have literally no idea what PDA even is and on the occasions I have brought it up at meetings or in general discussion regarding my son, they seem to have no idea what the heck I'm on about. Most times I voice my concerns that my son has PDA, they either look at me as if I just suggested my child is part alien part human or else they've never even heard of it.
    Aren't these people supposed to be trained in this type of issue?
    It's so frustrating.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578
    Hi Kallie79

    Unfortunately, because PDA isn't in the Diagnostic Manuals yet and PDA was identified as another Profile on the Autism Spectrum approx. 50 years later than Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, most professionals only have basic knowledge of Autism or Aspergers and some have no knowledge of them!!!

    Not sure which part of the country you are from but you have done well to find 2 professionals that do have knowledge of PDA.

    There has only just been a recommendation from the government that all NHS workers have mandatory Autism (and hopefuly all and Learning Difficulty Training!
    And they are just in 2019 developing the Training!

    PDA awareness has a way to go but if we all keep talking about it and raising awareness we will get there!

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