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Claiming dla
  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Hi. I've decided to claim dla for my daughter due to the time spent getting her ready for bed ( hours) and also ready to go out etc. However, as she is currently off school with anxiety, I am spending a lot less time helping/waiting for her to get ready. This is because I'm trying to keep demands as low as possible at the moment. The result is that she rarely get a dressed in the morning or changed at bed time, and can stay in the same clothes day and night for several days. She very occasionally brushes her teeth or hair, but does shower once or twice a week. I am aware that if I had to get her somewhere in the morning for a particular time, we would face a lot if problems that I could write on the form. But as I am going for low demand at the moment, I'm not actually spending the time helping with her care, so there is nothing to put on the form for these bits. Am I supposed to put how long it would take if I was to make her do these things ( or attempt to, using various techniques) or maybe should I wait until she is hopefully back in a routine with some kind of education, and do it then?
  • Em83Em83
    Posts: 68
    Hi SGCmum if i remember correctly on the DLA form you can put variable care needs. So you could explain that on days you need to go somewhere it takes x amount of time and x strategies? But on the days you do not have to go anywhere then the time may be less as then she will not get dressed etc ? I'm no DLA expert and there are some good guides out there such as the cerebra one. Try and think about the care you give now as they usually base it on that and should your situation change you can ask them to look at it again. Its good to mention everything you do have to do even if its not every day and also as she is out of school due to anxiety this in itself is additional care needs should she not have a disability and compared to peers her own age. Also mention the night time care as well! Hope this helps! Em
  • Rubytuesday
    Posts: 287
    Hi, when I did this I put it was variable... so for example sometimes it takes a few minutes for my daughter to go to bed and sometimes it takes hours. I found the guide on the National Autistic Society website really helpful. Also if you have any reports or letters from professionals it’s worth putting in copies. Also, it’s definitely worth keeping a copy of the form yourself so if you need to change anything you know what you wrote before. Good luck with it - I found the whole process very emotional as seeing your child’s struggles in black and white really brings them home xxx
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,133
    Hi there, this is the link to the Cerebra guide:
    When we were completing our form we found that our local Carers Support Group had someone specifically helping people complete the forms so might be worth enquiring locally if there is someone who could help as well. They also advised us to take the worst days of our week and base our replies around those examples. The CAB are often able to help too.

  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Thank you all for your comments.

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