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PDA expertise in London schools
  • JanetF
    Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of secondary schools with PDA expertise in London, particularly East/North London - or an individual expert who might give advice. Experience with my son (12 years old) who is exceptionally intelligent and well organised and was an IT leader in his primary school, suggests that he would not thrive in a mainstream or special school, unless he is given a responsibility which he can shine at and is not, at least at first, required to learn subjects which he finds 'boring'. He had been given the job of teaching less able children in his primary school. Am I in fantasy land thinking he might be given the role of assistant IT manager in a school which would include helping to design a learning programme for other children? He is now 12, has refused school, or any other educational/social activity for the last two terms, and usually refuses to speak to the professionals trying to help him. (He has been very well-behave at school - not so at home) He thinks he can manage in life without any further education.He could be a great asset to a school. Is there one who might be able to incorporate this rather different role for a student? Maybe it would work with others who are similarly unwilling to learn but have exceptional skills. To develop them to teach, under supervision of course, what they are good at. It will need huge motivation to get him to school.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,593
    Hi JanetF

    Welcome to the PDA Society Forum, your son certainly sounds very PDA ie he needs to have a role of responsibility!

    It would take a very flexible and understanding mainstream secondary school to be able to allow him the responsibility he needs whilst not doing subjects he finds boring. These schools are in short supply but you may find one if you visit and ask lots of questions.

    Independent Specialist Schools for children with HFA/PDA are more likely to be flexible and understanding of his needs and may have the staff and resources to enable his bespoke curriculum to become a reality.

    Does your son have an Education, Health and Care Plan? He will need one for Specialist Schools or Alternative Placements such as Big Bear (surrey), Red Balloon (sorry, North of London) - do you have any of these types of Places in North London?

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