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School difficulties advice needed
  • Hi ,
    I have twin boys who are six, one has been diagnosed with ASD and suggested pda, he has repeatedly excluded from school as they cannot get funding for a 121, he is very disruptive and aggressive in school. Should I take him to a special school? Or home school him? It’s such a hard journey and I feel lost.
  • Rubytuesday
    Posts: 292
    Hi Bethany48, such a hard situation for you. Are you in the UK and if so does your son have an EHCP? If not, will school apply for one? You can apply yourself and you’d need this for 121 or a special school. School can be such a tough place for our PDA children (any school I think). From everything I’ve read, and our experiences with our daughter, it’s not so much the type of school that’s important but the attitudes of the staff and how much they are willing to be flexible and think ‘outside the box’. Our daughter managed in primary but it all fell apart once she got to secondary school. We’re now looking at a special school - we’ve looked at a few and some are more flexible than others! I think a lot of people do homeschool their PDA children too, but obviously this is a huge decision and not right for everyone. Take care x
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,138
    Hi Bethany48, welcome to the Forum. I'm sorry to hear things are so difficult at the moment. I was also going to ask about an EHCP, especially if the school are struggling? Do you know if they have tried to work out what's causing the behaviours and put strategies in place to help, they don't need a 121 to do this and sometimes simple accommodations can be very effective in helping to reduce anxiety.

    We have some information on our website which you may find helpful as it talks about EHCP process as well as different types of schools:

    If school are interested we also have a section for Teachers:

    and finally our families pages for ideas on different strategies:

    Please do keep posting and asking any questions that you may have.

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