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NHS-: live webinar, have you ever been blamed as a parent for your child's behaviour?
  • Stronger35
    Posts: 18
    Hope this is ok to post here, please remove if not xx

    VCB - Violent & Challenging Behaviour - an NHS Webinar all about it tomorrow!
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    Tomorrow, from the NHS England Share and Learn Webinar, I'll be talking very openly about VCB, or Violent and Challenging Behaviour in children who have a neurodevelopmental condition such as a Learning Disability, Autism or ADHD. With NHS staff listening from all around the country, I'll be spelling out the scale of the problem, and what needs to happen to address it. I will be talking about what I see as the most urgent change - a shift in thinking, in hearts and in minds so that frontline staff see the real issues and no longer blame parents for their child's behaviour. Families need help, not blame, shame, stigma and judgement. They also urgently need information and early intervention to turn their child's behaviour around before becoming established and entrenched. . Please be there with me if you can - there is a question and answer session afterwards.

    I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but parents have to be handed that torch so they can find their way through it and support their child towards emerging happy and settled again. I know because my son Toby's behavour has transformed and he's in a totally different place. And the best bit of that? Toby himself is so happy, content, comfortable and relaxed - the complete opposite of his younger self who struggled daily with VCB. All I want is the same for every child, with parents having the help and support, as well as the tools and the training, to turn things completely around. It can be done and our children deserve nothing less.

    If you register and then you can't make it at 12.30 tomorrow lunchtime, NHS England will still send you the links to the recording an slides in a couple of weeks' time.

    Tomorrow, the NHS are going to listen, the first step to making things better. You are welcome to listen too, and I'd love to have you there.

    Hope you can join me tomorrow.

    Very best wishes,

  • PDA_ASD_Parent
    Posts: 4,188
    Would love to know if there is a saved recording of this as I missed it.

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