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I guess I'm more PDA than I thought
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    I'm 19 years old and diagnosed with PDD NOS.
    I've been calling myself 'partial PDA' or 'PDA-like' because the description of PDA has a lot in common with me, but some of it didn't seem much like me.
    However, recently my mother read the PDA description and she says I fit it very well. The two things in the criteria that didn't fit me at all - passivity and language delay - are apparently not universal. (I was passive after 18 months, but not in infancy.)
    I tried e-mailing Elizabeth Newson, but she said that she can't tell me over e-mail if I have PDA and her center can't evaluate me because I'm over 16 (not to mention across the ocean from them). So I don't have an official voice saying I have PDA. But if my mother says it fits, I guess that's enough for me.
    The reason I didn't think it fit completely: partly because I forgot stuff about when I was younger (and many features of PDA are partially outgrown), and partly because it's all written from the perspective of someone without PDA, looking at outward behavior and trying to interpret it rather than describing how it feels from the inside. There's always this struggle, when I read descriptions of autism spectrum conditions by non-autistics, to figure out the gap between internal experience and how non-autistics interpret our behavior.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569

    Pleased to hear your mum has read the criteria and also feels you have PDA. I realise in America this is the closest you will get to a formal diagnosis as the prof's only say PDD-NOS at the moment.
    What matters most, I feel, is that you understand yourself and that your parents understand you.

    My own PDA son was never passive.
    He didn't speak till he was 5 because he has severe learning difficulties.
    We are all so different aren't we.

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