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Update the MAP with all NHS and Private PDA Diagnoses to help others
  • Areas named (NHS) are:

    Kilmarnock, Ayreshire and Arran, Scotland
    Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
    Stroud, Gloucester, Gloucestershire
    Bradley, Stoke, Staffordshire
    Liverpool, Merseyside
    Todmorden, Lancashire
    Sheffield, Yorkshire
    Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire
    Hawley, North Hykeham, Lincolnshire
    Wolverhampton, Midlands
    Nottingham, Midlands
    Northampton, Midlands
    Lincoln, Midlands
    Birmingham, Midlands
    Bristol, Avon
    Slough, Berkshire
    Reading, Berkshire
    East Sussex
    Andover, Hampshire
    GOSH (NHS) London
    Guildford, Surrey

    (Midlands are doing well). If I have missed any off please add them to this thread. As some of the pins overlapped and I had to zoom in on the map and move it around to find them it became confusing, so it's possible I missed one or two.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    If anyone is looking for advise and support locally this is the link to Support groups throughout the Country including Ireland and Isle of Wight .

    Check out the Additional page of FB groups .

    Pat xx

  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    We can also add .
    Adult Services Scottish Borders , September 2017 case diagnosed. As far as we are aware this is the first case recognised.
    There have been cases diagnosed by Adult Services Edinburgh , total failure by CAMHS over the years
    Like Glasgow it's very much a Post Code Lottery between the different units .
    .CAMHS Aberdeen .
    Certain parts of Glasgow , both CAMHS , Children's Hospital and Adult Services .

    The new Autism Academy U K at St Andrew can arrange assessments privatly . August 2017 .

    Cupar Fife . Part of the FAST team.

    Specialist Unit , Walkergate Newcastle Upon Tyne . Newcastle University also does outstanding research .

    There are quite a number of people / companies who offer PDA assessments other than the four recommended by the PDA Society . It would be advisable to seek advice first before you make a decision who to use .
  • The people who got those diagnoses will need to go onto the map and add their own pins accordingly.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    The issue highlighted by yourself on your FB page is exactly the problem we have presented in our submissions to Parliament .

    If you obtain an out of area diagnosis or a private diagnosis if the LA does not recognise PDA then it's not included in the CSP, if you are lucky enough to get one , we have in Scotland .

    Under the Additional Support for Learning Act a diagnosis is NOT required . LA are in breach of breaking Education Laws , this point is made once again in our next submission .

    Are you going to add on the information that's been collated recently for Scotland / Newcastle as a separate list . Not all the parents concerned follow this Forum or I have contact with to add to the map .

    Pat xx
  • Is it the one about BPD misdiagnoses and reporting it in Scotland?
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    Is it the one about BPD misdiagnoses and reporting it in Scotland?

    Yes , the misdiagnosis of conditions .

    Brilliant explanation from one follower . Remember Ruth Fidler and Phil Christie, " Listen to the parents " .

    Cath Buchan Lack of eduction and willingness to to be educated Some of these 'draconian consultants' should not be allowed near vulnerable patients. Absolutely disgusting.
  • Draconian consultants is right. I don't know what happens in the NHS, do they stagnate? Do they have less scruples about who they employ? They all seem so absolutely useless. I know more than any of them about autism and I'm nobody.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    Draconian consultants is right. I don't know what happens in the NHS, do they stagnate? Do they have less scruples about who they employ? They all seem so absolutely useless. I know more than any of them about autism and I'm nobody.

    10 hrs ·
    We are frequently contacted with concerns of misdiagnosis. Particularly inaccurate diagnosis of personality disorders. If you have any concerns regarding your diagnosis and treatment by health & social care contact Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.

    Over the next few weeks I am compiling a report to send into this Commission.

    You are one amazing Mum . You have helped support and inform people throughout the World about ASD issues . Your knowledge is amazing .

    ASD -PDA supporter , certainly not frightened to speak out and talk about subjects others won't touch .

    A " Nobody" you are certainly not , you are one very " Amazing Person " .

    Pat xx
  • :x Right back atcha!
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586
    Ann Hope
    Ann Hope stockton on tees CAMHS told me it was a made up condition and binned the info the PDA society sent then last year. Luckily my son's school recognise it and believe he has it x
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 6 hrs
    Planet Autism
    Planet Autism That's appalling and unprofessional, they should be ashamed.
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 5 hrs
    Ann Hope
    Ann Hope 5 years for an asd diagnosis, they are the worst of the worst sadly. Our MP's have taken it to parliament as they are so bad x

    A comment posted earlier today .

    It's about time other MPs tbrought up the Autism Scandal in Parliament . I was told for eight years my eldest son had PTSD . I recognised the Aspergers whilst the youngest was being assessed . I can assure you Ann Hope there are worse CAMHS .Both were diagnosed at 17 and 18 with Aspergers and it's still ongoing .

    CAMHS Selkirk Scottish Borders is another whose understanding of ASD is shocking . Adult Services within the Borders has recognised an ASD -PDA case where CAMHS totally failed in September 2017 . I believe it's the first recognised in the Borders.

    One Consultant told me that he was on a Committee in Scotland to try and improve some CAMHS as they were that POOR they wouldn't send their children to them .

    This is a point I mentioned in Parliament . If a CAMHS does not have a good understanding of ASD what chance is there of understanding ASD -PDA .

    It needs to start with training at Universities for these Clinicians and have Regional Centres who can train staff from CAMHS and Educational Psychologists and GPs , Health Visitors , School Nurses .

    I find it Absolutly Shocking that teachers in Scotland can refuse Autism Training . That needs to change . Delighted this ladies child's school have supported her in a professional manner .

    Pat xx

  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    The people who got those diagnoses will need to go onto the map and add their own pins accordingly.

    Does anyone have any idea who started this map ? It would be fantastic if others would add their details as to where are when they received a diagnosis especially with really important Conferences , Meetings and Petitions at present .

    We are aware of Clinicians in USA , Australia and New Zealand who will diagnose . Hopefully others around the World will add their diagnosis . One for Germany listed as well as Northern Ireland .

    Dr Joanne Douglas is also extremely experienced and offers a diagnostic service in Northern Ireland The Spectrum Centre.
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,092
    Just added High Wycombe, Bucks - but NHS dx is not consistent!
  • It might help someone else in High Wycombe point out the disparity within the same area also.

    The Sustainability and Transformation Partnership should mean ironing out such disparities.
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,092
  • "Commission PDA at CAMHS"

    "Raise Awareness and Understanding of PDA Among Health Care Professionals"

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