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  • Hi everyone

    I am new to the PDA Contact Group and whilst my son does not have a diagnosis of PDA displays many of the behaviours. We are having a multi-disciplinary meeting next Friday, 11th July, and one of the discussions will be about medication.

    I wonder if those of you whose children have been, or are, on medication could share their experiences?

    Naturally we are worried about the implications of our child taking medication but also worry what will happen if he doesn't!


  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    Hi, I have PDA and the only psychiatric medication I was ever put on is St John's Wort (an herbal antidepressant). I was put on it when my parents decided to start homeschooling me, because due to bullying and conflict with teachers I was very depressed and anxious. I took it for awhile, then tapered off. I think it helped, though being homeschooled helped even more. When I stopped it there were no ill effects and I didn't feel depressed anymore because I was no longer in school.
    My teachers wanted me to take Ritalin, but no psychiatrist agreed with them and my parents didn't want me on that anyway. I have serious anxiety problems, and stimulants can worsen anxiety, so it's probably a good thing I didn't take Ritalin.
    There is no medication that can treat PDA itself. Some meds may treat associated problems or make it easier to treat PDA, however. My guess is probably the most helpful meds would usually be antidepressant/antianxiety medications, because a lot of PDA behavior problems are caused by anxiety. But if you can treat it with no meds, that's better, because then you aren't risking side effects and the kid knows it's not a pill making them behave well but their own hard work instead.
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