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PDA in Canada
  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    Does everyone on these forums live in England? Are there any other Canadians here?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578

    Speaking as an English parent, your right, there are a lot of English people on the site.
    There are definately some American's but I'm not sure if there are any Canadian's.

    Have you tried looking at the memberlist? People don't always put there country!

    Remember that PDA is not recognised in America, is it recognised in Canada?
    If profesionals don't say the words PDA to parents in other countries then parents won't be looking for it on the internet. Also many people in other countries may not speak English so may not join the site.

  • Hi, we are parents of a 17 yearold son who we feel strongly fits the category of PDA...we live in Calgary, AB and really need help. With just looking at the amount of people who care about this syndrome, we feel relieved. email back please.

  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578
    Hi Doug

    Hello and welcome to the PDA forum :)

    My son is 18 and has PDA/Autism.
    I hope others will be along soon to welcome you.
    I'm not sure how many members of the forum are from Canada but there must be 2?

    I was in Calgary on my honeymoon (over 25 yrs ago now!!!) a wonderful part of the world!

    I hope we can all support you through the forum, just keep posting with your questions.

    Take Care

  • Moose
    Posts: 1,843
    Hello Doug,

    just wanted to add my welcome. I do hope you will continue to visit the forum as I am sure you will find help and support here.
    No matter what nationality we are, if PDA rings true for us, we have an awful lot in common.
    Recognition of PDA is growing here in the UK, but it remains difficult to find people who really understand the difficulties both parents and children go through. For this reason the forum is a pillar of strength for many of us and a place where we can turn for advice or just a listening ear.
    If you have specific queries, we would be pleased to help all that we can.

  • Spearmint
    Posts: 552
    I have a relative who works with yongsters and adolescents on the spectrum etc in Ontario, when I told him about wee ones diagnoses he said it didnt surprise him and he knew exactally what it was. Just to say if he had heard of it and works within the profession as a care worker then professionals further up the chain mist be aware, even if they do the a-typical diagnosis with demand avoidant behaviour.

    Welcome and just wanted to let you know there are people in your neck of the woods very aware of PDA.
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