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Could my non-verbal autistic son have pda?
  • Jc41
    Posts: 2
    My 7 year old non-verbal autistic son has been crying and self harming since November. He was happy engaging and loved outdoor play before then but he seemed to change over night and we don't know why. He always loved his sen school but now crys when he has to go on transport. He doesn't want to do anything any more things he used to enjoy swimming going to the park. He spends most his time upstair lying in bed with the quilt over him and when we try and encourage him to come downstair or out in the garden and he gets really upset and starts crying and slapping his face. We can't go anywhere and we hardly ever leave the house due to the massive meltdowns and self harming. Could this be pda and can anyone else relate to this?
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,138
    Hi Jc41 and welcome to the Forum. The avoiding demands could be a sign of PDA I'm afraid I personally don't have much experience of children who are non-verbal but hopefully others on the forum may be able to help. I presume there was no significant identifiable incident that could have caused this reaction in November? Do you have a paediatrician / CAMHS contact you could discuss this with? Can school offer any help, I know my daughter's SEN school have been great at trying to work out with us the reasons behind her actions!

    If you can, please do check out the Resources section of this site and the webinars which will give you a better understanding of PDA and may help to clarify some things as well as offering ideas for strategies to try. Please do keep posting.

  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586
    Hi .
    Welcome to the Forum ,

    One of my friends believes a friend of hers child who is non verbal has PDA . I am afraid there is an awful lot of reading and watching webinars but it’s a matter of elimination .

    Your son could have presented with very subtle signs of PDA then suddenly if too many demands are put upon him the Jeckyl and Hyde behaviour becomes much more apparent .

    My eldest issues were quite subtle then boom , the youngest was full on from the beginning .

    Pat xx
  • Jc41
    Posts: 2
    Thank you both for your replies. We have a CAMHS appointment on 18th april and i will definitely be mentioning concerns regarding pda. Jenny xx
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    Jc41 said:

    Thank you both for your replies. We have a CAMHS appointment on 18th april and i will definitely be mentioning concerns regarding pda. Jenny xx

    This link is useful too .

    It explains how to collect evidence , keep a diary , get video evidence if it’s safe do do so . Also out of area referrals .

    One thing you could do if you wished is to approach Help4Psychology in Norwich . They offer a pre assesment which costs rougly £95 . It’s form filling then you can complete the assesment on Skype . It gives you a basic report , the full multi disciplinary assesment costs from £1600. I have read some of the reports they are excellent .This is one of the four centres recommended by the PDA Society .
    Last time I heard the waiting list was not too long .

    Another person who is very helpful is Laura Kerbey from PAST . She offers advise too.

    Hopefully there should be an inclusion officer at your LA and everyone hopefully should work together to provide answers for your issues .

    Try using the PDA Stratagies , see what happens . It will take a while but stick with it and keep the results as evidence to CAMHS .If your child refuses to attend get them to come to your home address .

    There is a map with support groups and a little further down the link for Facebook Groups . If there is nothing listed for your area , ask , there might be others wanting to set up a group .

    Good Luck

    Pat xx

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