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  • Weary
    Posts: 17
    Anyone out there with a similar situation to us? Our 14 yo (year9) with definite pda traits (not formally diagnosed but backed up by several health professionals) who is violent with challenging behaviours. Just having his 52 week placement terminated. Again. This is residential special school number 3. Previous placements he’s been on 38 week placements but he found the transitions of travelling back at weekends too difficult. So, at this latest school we got funding from the LA for 52 week. However, due to his violent behaviour and non attendance at school they are terminating it after 4 months. We are devastated. Again.. He needs a school that gets pda BUT any of the purely Asd schools we’ve looked at over the past few years seem unable to cope with the huge explosive meltdowns and we think he will verbally abuse and bully the other children (non pda). I called Robert Ogden this AM as it seems to be pda gold standard but they won’t take pda on 52 week placements as they’re too disruptive for the others on the asd spectrum that aren’t pda. Anyone with a similar experience of this kind of presentation and situation to us out there? Any suggestions? We are at a loss to find s school that can cope with our pda child that is residential as we tried fir years to cope at home and got to absolute breaking point. Any recommendations will be gratefully received particularly as its Pda Day today! Many thanks,
    Weary Mum
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,133
    Hi Weary Mum, I'm so sorry to hear about your sons school placement. My daughter is only 9 so I've yet to experience anything like this myself but I do hope some other members of the forum might be along soon to offer suggestions.

    In the meantime, if you would like to leave a message on our enquiry line one of our volunteers will be able to call you back and they may be able to offer some suggestions to you:

    Try to keep strong and positive although I appreciate this is hard, you're clearly a great advocate for your son and I'm sure the right opportunities will present themselves. Take care. xxx
  • Weary
    Posts: 17
    Thanks RhanH that’s really helpful and will do. If anyone else has experienced a similar situation please do post. Thanks
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    Weary said:

    Thanks RhanH that’s really helpful and will do. If anyone else has experienced a similar situation please do post. Thanks

    So sorry to hear of your issues . Webb hopefully will respond on the Enquiry Line . I believe she looked at something like 26 schools before she decided on one suitable for her son so has a wealth of knowledge .
    Pat xx
  • Weary
    Posts: 17
    Thanks very much I have left a message
  • Weary
    Posts: 17
    Our son has now been placed into care from his residential school in a temporary emergency placement partly because his violence is so high risk they couldn’t manage any longer and we cannot have him at home (2 other siblings to consider too). It’s a deeply awful and disturbing situation to find ourselves in and it looks like he has no hope of finding an educational residential setting as his behaviours are so extreme. At the moment he is in a flat with a 2:1 ratio on his own about 10 mins drive from our home. As well as his anxiety levels bring off the scale ours aren’t far behind. I’m really keen to hear from anyone else that may have found themselves in a similar desperate situation to ours? Many thanks.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    Hi, so sorry to hear this news.

    Would you still like to find him a Residential School (that can meet his needs) or do you feel the Care Co. and some Tuition within the Care Home is the way to go?

    He would need a very robust placement and it may not be near you.

    52 week placement
    1:1 or 2:1 staffing
    For High Functioning Boy age 14
    Ability to be in residential setting with staff, if he can't attend the school section
    Therapists - S&LT, OT and Psychologist
    All Staff to be trained in PDA

    I'll send a private message.

    How is your son at the moment, is he coping?


  • HarHer
    Posts: 338
    Hello Weary,

    I am so sorry to hear of your situation. My eldest son is in a residential placement due to his challenging issues (mental ill health/ASD). He is 19 now and went there just after his 18th birthday. Children's Social Care had tried (and failed) to find him a care placement prior to him becoming an adult.

    Although our situation is slightly different from yours, I can certainly empathise with the feelings you experience when it is not possible to care for one of your children at home. We are also lucky because the residential home is close to where we keep in close contact with the staff there.

    Our eldest son's crisis started at around 13/14.
  • Weary
    Posts: 17
    Thank you both for your kindness, this is all so difficult to bear. Paula I will be in touch.

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