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Home schooling for GCSE
  • LaurenC
    Posts: 1
    Hi all, has anyone home schooled their child through GCSE? ....
    This will be my daughters 12th seclusion, this year probably her 40th in total from mainstream secondary. On top of two fixed exclusions detentions and holdings. She's received little education but has found herself in top set for everything. The teachers express their dislike, one agreeing with her to kill herself the other understanding why she doesn't have friends as he wouldn't want to be her friend. She had been out of school most of primary and is high functioning. Cutting long story short she is not welcome on site at mainstream anymore and they want to move her to a unit. LEA don't reccomend another mainstream and say the sen schools won't meet her Educational needs and see the school fail to meet provisions but reading case studies on ipsea its common. But what do people do at this stage? I won't rwciev any fun song apparently and her EHCP will basically be revoked if I home school? The school receives nearly £20k on top and only when I questioned what they did with it they got in an Ed psych but implemented nothing. Send officer was very upset and requested another review. School didn't reply. Went go for camh referral but said school has to do it got appointment with nurse and she refused and said gp should do it and she won't do one as does not know my daughter although she began cutting herself following a horrible week at school. Thing is she's secluded every month when she's due on so I think her hormones come to play but no one is listening I've gone doctors 3 times about this and they recommend ibuprofen to reduce oestrogen and speak to school nurse. Not giving up and she will get gcse and a's but have no option to pay myself for home-schooling. But I know no one with child like mine and pda and who have home schooled during gcse and hope people read this and reach out to me. Lauren
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,168
    Hi Lauren, welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I think you should ask school to arrange for an emergency review with the county SEN officer in attendance.
    Teachers should not be expressing their dislike and there should be interventions in place to help if you have an EHCP. If your school can’t meet her needs under the current EHCP and the LEA are saying there are no suitable schools ask them how they are going to fulfil their legal obligations as an EHCP is a legally binding document.
    With regards to CAMHS some counties let you self refer so perhaps have a look at this too.
    Try not to be disheartened and keep fighting, if you don’t want to home school you don’t have to. There are lots of Facebook support groups in particular though for home schooling if you wanted to look into this further. Unfortunately I don’t have personal experience here but I hope some other members may have some experience they can share with you.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,593
    Hi Lauren

    I echo RhanH - The LEA have a legal responsibility to educate your child.
    1. Hold a meeting with the SEN Team (it doesn't need to be at the school if the school say they can't meet her needs).
    2. You do not have to have the responsibility of Electively Home Educating your daughter.
    3. Ask the LEA for either -
    a. A 'Personal Budget' to educate your daughter - This would mean you would be able to find Private Teachers to educate your daughter at home or at their premises. There is a section on an EHC Plan that states Educational Personal Budget. All LEA's should offer parents Personal Budgets if they can't find a school to educate a child.
    b. An 'Alternative Provider' - These vary from County to County but are essentially Education Companies that provide education to child who are not in school.

    Nottm & Derbys have The Real Team, Ilkeston, Derbys. - Take a look on the internet and ask your LEA for details of their 'Alternative Providers'.

    Talk to IPSEA, SOS!SEN or Education Equality if you can, to get more info on the above 2 options.

    Your daughter is very intelligent and I hope you can find her a source of education that you aren't totally responsibly for.

  • Firstly, you need to set out your budget. Some children can be enrolled to take GCSEs very early in their careers, they can take one or two courses at a time rather than taking everything at once. Others may wait until they are 16 to register for GCSEs, when they can then take all courses and saving their parents the cost of exams. Many parents are choosing to take their kids out of the education center to teach them at home. This is the main reason home education is so different from school but on other hand it is not cheap at all the cost of tutor and other stuff like stationary, text books, learning materials and many more but home schooling is better because home education can provide more information.

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