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Does anybody have an EHCP and whats in it please?
  • bettyboo1
    Posts: 49
    Hi I have a daughter leaving a small primary and startimg a huge secondary in Sep. Altho she has a diag of ASD SPD and unofficial PDA diag I have managed to get her assessed for an EHCP but they refused to issue saying that school could meet her needs. I do not agree she is a masker who is failing school who kicks off at home and she will absol not cope but nobody is listening to me. I am partly supported by primary (who have sat back in my opinion and have been reactive instead of proactive with her throughout but who I have still maintained a good working relationship with for her sake) and have a mediation appointment with the L.A on Monday and I wanted to ask if anybody has managed to obain a plan and if so what kind of things are in it. She struggles with friendships, making friends, fall outs, sensory issues (tons from clothes to noise to touching certain stuff), anxiety, anger issues, meltdowns, communication difficulties although she speaks lovely, masking, poor sleep/getting up, she stuggles focusing, attention, retaining information is failing at maths and english in particular (kept behind a year), organisation, homework and major self confidence issues. I've obtained some advice from a different organisation on going to mediation but it wasnt really very good and Im feeling comp lost and alone in all this. She has so many issues yet I feel like they want her to fail before they will help but by this time it will be too late as it takes soo long for an EHCP to be done she will have prob missed out on the whole of year 7 before anything wll be done. Any reply on what types of things I could request be put in her plan would be a godsend. Thank you very much. Really appreciated
  • HarHer
    Posts: 352
    We requested statutory assessment for our eldest son because, despite his complex needs, the school were reluctant to request assessment. This was prior to 2014 when EHCPs were introduced. Once the assessment had been requested, the school were obliged to do something.

    On our request, we listed the ways in which the school was not currently meeting my son's needs. These included, lack of progress and an escalation of behaviours that challenge, despite support from school being put in place.

    I would suggest you request as soon as possible because my youngest son was not able to mask at secondary school and he began to refuse school completely.

    Will there be any transition activities for your daughter, to prepare her for secondary school? My youngest had these, event though he had no EHCP.

  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,168
    Hi Bettyboo1, welcome to the Forum.

    Yes we have a plan it basically covers all our daughters needs both in school and at home. It specifiies what each difficulty is and how it will be worked on, by who (inc. level of expertise needed) and how frequently. The main emphasis is defininetly on education and trying to make this accessible and appropriate for her ability but it also focuses on her social, emotional, communication, processing and behavioural challenges. It also includes her views on what she is good at, what she finds difficult and her aspirations, as well as our own views as parents.

    There are many advice centres out there that can help ipsea (, sos!sen (, however I also like the way the NAS have laid out their information about EHCP's so I've included a link here that I hope you find helpful too:

    If you believe your daughter is failing at school and you have evidence to show that she has been kept down a year in English and is struggling in Maths you should bring this to the meeting and ask what is being done to help meet her needs now and how will this continue in the future so she doesn't fall further behind. If you have other evidence to show how the school aren't meeting her needs in other areas you should take that too to highlight further why you need the plan. Also remember to take any reports that you have showing a need for speech & language therapy services, occupational therapy, CAMHS intervention, etc as they should also be included.

    Hope this helps.
  • bettyboo1
    Posts: 49
    Thank you both for your replies. I will deffo take a look at that link thank you. Even though I am the one who has requested the EHCP I still feel at the mercy of the school (who basically have skated by) to get the proof. The senco knows they havent been doing enough but in a few months she will be somebody elses problem. For some reason despite being behind they refused to issue a plan after assessment ?? I cant get on to camhs as shes not self harming and she doesnt have an eating disorder (all they are taking on at the min). There are no O.T services in my area either? I cant get no help from the paed in any areas so I cant get access to the services I need. Its a joke. I just feel like I dont have the concrete evidence because she has been so badly let down by both school and the L.A with lack of services. I just feel like nobody is taking me seriously. She has serious mental health difficulties that nobody else really sees due to the masking and she is happy to simply slip through the cracks and then let it all out at home. I have arranged some more transitions that were requested by the ed pysc. The school did nothing! Thanks very much just stressing and dreading Monday. I cant get a slot for ipsea been trying now without any luck for last 2.5 weeks. Every time I click on the slot they have gone. Your replies much appreciated I will let you know how it went xx
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,168
    It sounds like your county is really struggling to meet needs at the moment. Can you use the Ed Pysc report as part of the leverage needed, it sounds like they are trying to be pro-active.

    Children masking is a recognised problem. the PDA Guidance blog has a good summary that may help with links to appropriate material for evidence too.

    Will be thinking of you on Monday. Hope it goes well.
  • bettyboo1
    Posts: 49
    Hi yes I feel so badly let down at the moment and if I had the money I'd deffo go private as nowaday it seems the only way. Tbh the ed psyc has lots of 'to do's' and this will be part of my argument that really with all the recommendations made a proper plan should be made. However they are arguing that school can simply meet her needs. I will again simply be at the mercy of the school. I also feel the assessment was incomplete without the necc services I cant get access to (another argument). I know Im not alone with this unfort it's a story everybody is telling up and down the country at the mo. I just dont want to be in the position of "I told you so " in a few months time when she is refusing. However I feel like thats exactly what they want to happen before they will give me anything. Fine if its a process that takes a few weeks but it isnt and a whole school year will be lost if I have to "apply again". Thank you. Ill keep you postedx

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