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  • LornaE
    Posts: 1
    Hi, I wondered if anyone else is experiencing this with their child. My son, 8 gets very anxious although he will often hide this well to those around him. He does bite the inside of his mouth though, to the point where if he pulls down his bottom lips he looks like his mouth is full of sores/ulcers. It gets very sore and painful and can cause problems with his eating (he already has difficulty with eating as he has a condition that affects his ability to swallow.) The other night I heard a loud scream from his bedroom and he had bitten so hard on the inside of his mouth it was bleeding profusely and he really scared himself. Despite that he's still doing it.
    He also bites his fingers until they bleed and they are really sore. He just seems to be stripping the skin off them. We have tried a chewy but he's not keen on it and sometimes I think it's because his mouth is too sore.
    When I ask him why he has bitten himself he will say he feels anxious and will often be able to pin point what he feels anxious about and then we can talk about it.
    I just wondered if anyone else's child does this and whether there is anything I can try to do for him.
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,168
    Hi and welcome to the Forum. Our daughter, age 9, also bites the side of her mouth and strips her fingers as well as her toes. She has a biter which seems to help at school, it took 5 different types to find the right one, however she doesn’t like to use it at home. She’s currently biting her tops or a cloth instead!

    She definitely bites to reduce her anxiety, as she likes the sensory feeling but we’re also trying to suggest she uses Theraputty instead of chewing her clothes for something to do. However it’s the chewing that she craves and chewing gum has been very helpful with this, easy to transport to.

    She’s chosen to wear socks to try to stop her toe biting at night and she puts hand cream on to try to stop herself from finger biting. We find the ideas that we come up with together are far more successful than when I’ve just suggested something!

    Hope you are able to find something that works for you.

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