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problems at work
  • gooders
    Posts: 1
    Hi, I have known that I am ASD for some time, but have always been puzzled as to why I avoid some tasks at work, even when I know why they should be done and are mandatory? I am a high performer, and always deliver great results but when asked to fill out audits or routine tasks, I cannot bring myself to do them, my assumption is 'if I provide great results, isn't that enough'? I absolutely avoid doing them, and justify my behavior with results. I have just seen some information on PDA and wonder if this is me?
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,593
    Hi gooders

    Welcome to the PDA Society Forum, hope some of us can shed some light on your avoidance at work.

    PDA is a Profile on the Autism Spectrum so if you feel you have ASD, it may be possible to have PDA.

    Just a couple of thoughts....

    1. Have you read through all the criteria for a diagnosis of PDA ? Do you feel you have all/most of these too?

    2. Individuals with PDA are avoidant to most things they are asked/requested or expected to do, even things that they like to do. Do you avoid lots of things at home and out in the community or is it just at work?

    3. The items you avoid at work - do you avoid doing them because you find them boring, or you fid them difficult or just not worth doing?
    This may be different to the 'Pathological Demand Avoidance' of those with PDA?

    Maybe you could give us a little more information about other difficulties you have that relate to the criteria of PDA or other things you avoid?

    Only a Professional Diagnostic Specialist could conduct an assess and let you know for sure.


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