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CAMHS referral
  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Hi, I have an 11 year old who I think shows some signs of PDA. She doesn't fit the profile that well, as my 18 year old daughter does. However, she totally fits the cant/wont thing and regularly says she cant do something, although she doesn't know why. This may be something simple like filling up the water for her tortoise, even though she may be desperately worried that her tortoise will suffer. She is also a master at distraction, and gets quite aggressive when pushed to do something, such as get ready for bed. Recently, her anxiety has become overwhelming, although it is good that she recognises her feelings now as anxiety. The GP has referred her to CAMHS. I am a bit wary of this, as I have heard/seen a lot of negative things about them. I wondered if anyone has experience of CAMHS in Derbyshire, and if they recognise PDA in this area? I also wondered if I am better off seeing a child psychologist privately. although the GP said she put the referral in as urgent, I feel we need to start reducing this severe anxiety before she starts secondary school in September.
  • Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know about Derbyshire but I can tell you about our experience with CAMHS... My daughter had a private ASD diagnosis and was then referred to CAMHS. She now has a support worker who visits weekly and is building up a good relationship with her. Although they don’t officially recognise PDA they have told me they are aware of ‘demand avoidance’ and her support worker takes this into account... So you may be lucky, it seems to vary a lot! Also, I agree about getting things in motion for secondary school as this is when things came to a head for my daughter...
  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Thanks. I guess I'll have to see how they are. In the mean time I'll get her some counselling and try some anxiety reducing techniques.
  • June67
    Posts: 798
    I hope things work out for you SGCmum our youngest starts secondary school this September too, we like you are trying many anxiety reducing things like letting him spend all day in his grotty pjs if we're not going out. We've had fewer meltdowns but it's hard being stuck at home all the time especially as the older one would like to go out and do things. I've tried broaching the subject of buying new uniform several times but he's actively resisting....but we will have to push this issue so that we have time to get him used to the clothing, cut out all the labels and wash it so it's usual it's balancing his anxieties until he can tip over into having to do it or coping with it.
    Regarding CAMHS ours wasn't an urgent referral and we've had to wait nearly two years from first referral to get a partial diagnosis (ASD) but they were resistant to the PDA label as they didn't see enough evidence of avoidance in all situations. Although some help has now been offered through them; again it's a waiting game for places to come up. We have just got a full private diagnosis through Help4Psychology in Norwich who were very helpful. They do some free initial screening to see if a full assessment is needed and you can do some online things I think. We managed to get the assessment funded by husband's BUPA cover so it cost us less but even without that it was worthwhile to get an answer. My only regret was that I waited so long before organising it as we thought CAMHS would not take as long as it did.
  • SGCmum
    Posts: 84
    Thanks. I could look into help4pschology another time. My problem at present is both my girls (11 and 18) are not receptive to thinking they may be a little different or have something wrong. I did the initial screening for my eldest, hoping to get useful info from the Skype chat, but they said to skip it and go straight for the full assessment. Bit difficult to do when she not willing to discuss her problems yet. I think my best bet is through the youngest.

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