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Not today pda
  • Am I alone in not being able to pda some days? Today life has thrown a bucket load at me even before I have picked my daughter up from school. Good day they tell me & my heart sinks! So this evening I type this through tears after failing to be able to meet all demands, equalling in hell for all. I know I’m to blame , I see the hurt I’m causing but I just can’t tonight!
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,151
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    It can be very hard to parent our children in the way they need all the time.... try not to blame yourself, tomorrow is another day.

    Have you got anyone who can help you and share the load, looking after ourselves can sometimes be the key to managing our children as we need lots of strength, resilience & patience!

    There is a lot of info on our site that you may find of interest; here’s a link to our families page:

    Please do keep posting so we can try to support you.
  • My partner works a lot so mainly on my own. I have 6 children in total so adjusting my parenting skills is difficult as it’s my youngest with pda. School refusal this morning so I think my lack of dealing yesterday will not have helped. Does it get easier?
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,151
    I’m not sure if easier is quite the right word, but I certainly understand my daughter better now and find it easier to read her moods and signs! Accepting that I need to parent in a different way, trusting my instincts and learning to ignore the sceptics has certainly helped our journey and given me more confidence.

    The webinars that we have are really helpful if you have time to take a look. There are 7, each about an hour long and covering a range which of subjects. Speech & language and sensory processing were eye openers and really aided our understanding.

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