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seeking a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with experience of PDA
  • We have a 13 year old classic PDA son who is supported by a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who diagnosed his PDA and extreme anxiety. She is good at her job but isn't brilliant as liaison between us and school or as support for the school ( they are asking for guidance ) as she is £350 an hour and very brief with her replies.Our son is on 20 mg of Fluoxetine daily ( prescribed by her ) and he refuses the CBT that she recommends. We have finally after 3 years got school to agree to being flexible around his lunch time choices and they have even started to create an IEP. I try to be supportive of school and their credit and debit system which works quite well as long as we link it with X box time at home and I only step in if I feel that he is being handled in such a way that makes things worse. However they have little understanding and and are so stretched and I get the feeling that they think I'm a slightly over protective mum .. I'm not ! (I was a deputy head myself and I have two other well adjusted children) If anything i would say i was a strict, consistent but fair mum. School recently told the doctor that they think I'm partly creating his problems by asking them to make the odd allowance and ' stepping in to rescue him 'and try a new way sometimes with some of his classic PDA behaviour at school . It's so frustrating ! Much of the CCF army teaching ( one afternoon a week ) at his ( private ) school is conducted by 6th formers and PREfects, who are not in on his issues or his IEP so they don't know how to deal with him and he doesn't recognise their authority so refuses to conform or en wear the uniform. I'm wondering if you know of any other Psychiatrists who are more specialist in PDA who could help us to help the school to work through his issues ? The waiting list for CAMS is too long and we have BUPA so can get some support. Our challenge is knowing who to turn to. We are midlands based. Any support very welcome.
    Best wishes
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,578
    Hi, I can see that the Psychiatrist has tried to help school but I think Psychiatrist will be great at diagnosing and treating/prescribing but I'm not sure a Psychiatrist is the right professional to advise the school on PDA Educational Strategies.

    The options would be -
    Your local Autism Outreach Team who come to schools and offer advice and strategies to school staff.
    Or an Independent Educational Consultant such as Autism Associates ie Ruth Fidler and her team (who are Specialist in PDA) who are based in Nottingham.
    OR an Independent Educational Psychologist who has good knowledge of PDA

    (Just noticed he is at a Private School - Not sure if Local Authority Autism Outreach Team would go into a Private School but the others will)

    Hope this helps

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