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And Still It Goes On
  • Just to keep you all updated.
    My daughter after 22 months is still under police investigation. It is a nightmare.
    Our PDA granddaughter totally hates her mother and seems determined to send her to prison.
    Our daughter is however adamant that this is only because of the manipulation of those around her.
    We have seen lots of awareness on the news lately of support for PDA young people who are being unfairly treated, this is of course extremely good but will there be a time when someone is out their fighting for the parents of PDA children/young people who end up in dire situations because professionals around them have no understanding of PDA
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,577
    Hi, I think you and your wife and especially your daughter are all being put through the most harrowing of circumstances.
    To have spent so many years caring for a child with PDA (and we know that it is extremely hard work, physically, financially and emotionally) and then for her to turn against the 3 of you is so, so heart breaking.
    I do feel that 'those around her' now must be having a big influence on what she is doing.
    I feel they have manipulated her, made her feel 'different' about what happened in her past and convinced her to keep going to the police.
    Our youngsters with PDA will do anything to feel part of a group of like minded people, they want to have friends and feel they belong. They will also listen to others and then be totally convinced the person the group are saying is 'bad/wrong', is actually bad.

    Youngsters with PDA are very, very vulnerable.

    Unfortunately Parents are also very vulnerable and because many professionals do not understand PDA, parents can also became victims in so many different ways.

    22 months is far too long to be on police bail, I hope that your daughters solicitor can now get the case dropped or get it heard in court!

    From what I know the police have found no evidence - just the words of your granddaughter.

    My heart goes out to you, your wife and your daughter.

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